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The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®

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This is the official website of Canadian cookbook author Helen M. Radics who shares with you The Secret of Hungarian Cooking one delicious recipe at a time
through her free video recipes, recipes, cookbooks and e-cookbooks / baking books. 

The author's work has been featured on CTV, Life Network, Life Magazine and numerous other media outlets worldwide.  She currently has 10 printed cookbooks / baking books and 11 e-cookbooks / baking books.  Welcome to our site and we hope that you will enjoy your trip to Hungary's history rich culinary world. 

Helen M. Radics & Chef Gordon Ramsay
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Author Helen M. Radics I met Chef Gordon Ramsay at the Chef's Challenge for Breast and Ovarian cancer in Toronto,
at the Carlu. 
She also met Chef Massimo and Chef Rocco.  It is wonderful that such famous chefs care enough to take time out of
their hectic professional life to do a fundraiserfor a cause so dear to the author's heart.

NOTE: If you are interested in fundraising or charity events with the author please contact the author at


Helen M. Radics' introducing the viewers to several Hungarian dishes from her cookbooks


Life Network (Hungary) has named Helen M. Radics their official spokesperson

You probably heard the saying
that a road to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Which is true, however women also love it when a man cooks for them. There is nothing sexier or more endearing when that special someone takes the time to surprise you with a mouth-watering dish or a clumsily created version of your favorite food.

My Latest e-book Romantic Dinners (Cookbook) by Helen
M. Radics has b
een created just in time for Valentine's Day however it is NOT a Valentine's Day cookbook.  It is full of romantic, elegant dishes, appetizers, main dishes and desserts. 

But it also has menu planning samples, Herbal Dictionary and Aphrodisiac spices and herbs.  The book and its recipes will help you create an elegant dinner party, a memorable family feast, holidays menus a
nd of course romantic dinners and dinner dates.

The book is downloadable following payment and you can start creating your tantalizing dishes and delectable dessert accompanied by elegant appetizers right away.  The 3 sample menus will assist you in the pairing of some dishes. 

This book is not only a wonderful tool to reach your lifestyle change goals but is also full of wonderful, mouth-watering dishes and delectable desserts.  Who says that eating healthy needs to taste awful?  Losing weight and getting healthy never tasted so good.

My book, Don't Bitch, Get Skinny! is one of the best tools to reach your weight loss goals, with cooking tips and healthy tricks that are used in the World's leading spas. 

This book isn't just a tool to lose weight but is a full cookbook with menus, tasty main dishes and desserts.  Don't worry you can have your pastas, chili and ice cream. 

For a limited time my book is also available with the title Tasty Weight Loss!  But once these books are gone, the book will only be available with the original title of Don't Bitch, Get Skinny! 

Please click on the book the you would like to receive.  Once all the Tasty Weight Loss! books are gone, the option will no longer be available. 


Helen M. Radics
is a Canadian cookbook author, Life Magazine Spokesperson and the founder / owner of Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®.

You may view free video recipes of the author work on her YouTube cooking channel to sample her mouth-watering recipes and electable desserts.  Currently the featured video is her extremely popular Pizza Ring.

Helen M. Radics currently has 10 English language cookbooks, 1 Hungarian language cookbook and 11 e-cookbooks  /  e-baking books published through which she shares with you The Secret of Hungarian Cooking
® one delicious recipe at a time.

The author is also involved in charity work, giving portion of her sales to causes, such as female cancers which was the first charity event she was invited to participate in by a local Bank manager. 



Mouth-watering spicy dishes, rich stews, sauces, hearty soups, and mesmerizing desserts. That is Hungarian cuisine in short. There are not many other ethnic gastronomies that are so varied, creative, captivating and savory as Hungarian cooking.

Many external influences spice up Hungarian cooking. Although Hungary has always used a large variety of herbs and spices, our nation was always open to new ideas. Our King Mathias in the 15th century has introduced western culinary methods. He married an Italian princess,

Beatrice of Naples, so Italian flavors enriched Hungarian gastronomy. Beatrice has brought with her Italian cheeses, pastas, and spices. Turkey was also brought to Hungary during that period. Today, Hungarian turkey is considered one of the best in Europe. My family always had a large turkey farm in the country and our birds were contracted all over Europe. I have many cherished memories as a child taking weekend trips from the city to the country.

There are also Turkish influences spicing up Hungarian cuisine. Hungary fell under Turkish rule in 1526 (Ottomen), which lasted for 150 years. They brought with them more exotic spices, and the still treasured coffee, that made "Budapest Café Houses" flourish in later centuries.

Following the Turks came the monarchy with Austria, introducing Hungary to their schnitzels and vegetable stews.  The Hungarian upper class always maintained a French style cooking similar to all European aristocrats.

Despite all of our external influences, the most used Hungarian spice is Paprika. It is used to color stews, soups, sauces, and of course our famous Hungarian Goulash. It also lends its wonderful deep red color to our world famous sausages. After a delicious Goulash or Chicken Paprikash further your culinary experience by tasting our Bulls Blood (Egri Bikaver). Which is one of our most famous red wines.

Our country has been blessed with the climate and soil perfect for wine making. Another famous Hungarian wine that is readily available outside of Europe is Tokaji Aszu. It is a delicate, crisp, golden wine. You will learn more about our wines if you visit my wine page. You will also be introduced to Hungarian spices and cooking methods.

I would like to introduce you to more than just our culture, heritage and recipes. If you follow my recipes and guides, you will realize how much money you could save by cooking easy to follow delicious recipes

It will also bring your family even closer together, your children will be looking forward to dinner at home. So thank you for coming and I hope that you will like my recipes, tips and cookbooks. Enjoy your stay. 


 Pork a 'la Brasso
 Jam Filled PastryHungarian Hamburger
Goulash Soup
Bean Soup
Stuffed Pepper

Easy Bread
 Hungarian Goulash
 Layered Potato
Savoy Cabbage
Cheese Croquette

You can find more printed cookbooks / baking books and more e-cookbooks / e-baking books in my Bookstore & E-Book Store.

Click on photos below for video recipes 

 Pork a'la  

   Jam Filled








My e-books are mostly the electronic version of some printed books, however there are e-books in my store that are exclusively available in an electronic version


Not surprisingly, Helen M Radics' online cooking show  has over 1/2 million viewers.

Visit the author's YouTube Channel to watch free video recipes through which she shares some of the recipes of her 10 internationally sought after cookbooks for which the Hungarian National Tourism Board highly praised Helen M Radics as someone who preserves and spreads Hungarian culture and Hungarian Heritage Recipes outside the borders of Hungary.

These cookbooks and recipes also earned the author the prestigious title of Official Life Magazine Spokesperson for Walnut Roll in Hungary during the 2010 Christmas Season.

I'm Helen M. Radics, cookbook author and the creator of the Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™.  I wish to express my appreciation to you, my customers and fans for making this another outstanding year.

As you can see from my latest e-cookbook, rather 3-baking book Grandmother's Breads™ , I have also started creating non-Hungarian recipe books as well.

After all, there are many delicious, delectable and mouth-watering recipes from my family that are not exclusively Hungarian.  I grew up and got married in Hungary, lived in Austria and moved to Canada over 30 years ago. 

Therefore, we have picked up dishes throughout my life which were married into my recipe collection and became family favorites along the way.

 So, I will be surprising you from time to time with a new recipe book that includes my international favorites which are regular staples in my kitchen.  I hope you will enjoy these books as much as the Hungarian recipes.

Grandmother's Breadsis my latest cookbook in which you will find time tested breads, dinner roll and bread stick recipes.  This book is dedicated to baking bread, as nothing else could fill the house with such inviting scent that brings the memories of childhood back.


Discover your very own "new" favorite type of bread and bake it weekly to pamper yourself or show your loved ones how special they are to you.  After all, we don't bake bread just for anyone.


If you like rustic breads, mouth-watering dinner rolls and tasty bread sticks, then this is the e-baking book for you.  Why buy breads from stores with ingredients that you don't recognize, breads that are full of preservatives and chemicals?  


Instead start making your own crispy, golden bread every week.  You will see that it is not only tasty, but therapeutic as well.


After receiving hundreds of e-mails, author Helen M. Radics created a cookbook that combines the most popular recipes of her successful cookbook series Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®. She has produced a special edition cookbook that includes the complete series that you fell in love with years ago.  It's no surprise that this book is already a best seller.


As always, Helen M Radics has the ability to captivate her audience, and through the pages of her cookbooks and take them on a journey through Hungary's history rich culinary world.

Hungarian gastronomy is one of the main building blocks of Hungarian culture.   Its unique, original, creative and flavorful dishes are the pride of the nation. Hungarian gastronomy has gone through a thousand year evolution and our nation’s  respect of tradition, heritage, its turbulent past, including foreign invasions, created one of the most unique culinary creations of the World. 

Hungarian food has always fascinated people regardless of their background.  The authentic Hungarian Goulash in itself is considered a national treasure and has been the topic countless conversations around the dinner table for many generations.


The best recipes of Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®  1 , Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®  2 & Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®  3 are fashioned into a cookbook that will make you fall in love with Helen’s unique collection of family favorites and her great-great Grandmother's special recipes loved for generations by the Szabo,Tolnay and Radics families. She also includes many of her own creations, dreamed up by her fertile imagination. Helen M Radics' books are a bountiful gathering of traditional Hungarian heritage recipes that your family will adore.

She has also included the best recipes of her first three books which include all the dishes that Hungary is famous for, such as Hungarian Goulash, Hungarian Goulash Soup, Hungarian Fish Soup, Hungarian Cabbage Rolls and of course Hungarian Chicken Paprikash one of the symbols of the Hungary, considered a national treasure; and many famous recipes such us Black Forest Cake, Jokai Torte, Punch Cake and special holiday cakes for special occasions. Old time favorites, such as Dobos Torte, Eszterhazy Torte, Sacher Torte, Walnut Cake and what collection of Hungarian desserts would be complete without our delectable Hungarian Walnut Rolls and Poppy Seed Rolls. There is a sinful cookie section complete with Stained Glass Cookies that could be used as a Christmas tree decoration.

So don't miss out on another jewel in the world of culinary art. A must have for the cook or baker of the family. Buy this easy to follow guide of some of the World’s most sought after collection of mouth-watering and delectable Hungarian heritage dishes, desserts, fragrant breads, biscuits and many more specialties. Own the author Helen M Radics' Hungarian recipe collection completely gathered in one keepsake of a cookbook.

Own the complete family recipe selection author gathered in one special book that is richly illustrated by colored and black and white photos.







These wonderful little rolls are ready to be baked or cooked.  I created this tasty pork roll as part of a family celebration a few years ago. Everyone loved it so much that my family demands it as part of any Celebration or just a barbecue. Try it and you'll love it. Simply bake it in a 375F oven 40-45 minutes. Serve it with your favorite side dish. You may also cook it and serve it with a mushroom sauce on a bed of rice.

Losing Weight Never Tasted So Good!

Don't Bitch, Get Skinny
is the latest book by Helen M. Radics and her daughter, Helen Radics.  Together, this Mother-Daughter team created a wonderful tool for those of us who need to lose a few pound or make a dramatic lifestyle change. 

This isn't just another diet book, but a tool to lead us to victory in our battle with weight.

Most of us need support and a guiding hand when it comes to change.  And let's face it, change can be difficult and hard. 

However this book will show you that small changes can bring great benefits and also make you realize that eating healthy does not mean an endless array of blend dishes without any flavor.  You will also learn that you don't need to give up on food groups or your favorite dishes. 

The two Helens also included a sample menu section that will make it very easy to plan your daily meal or your family's meal.  Because we, as human being, do not like to do anything alone, including dieting. 

But how many of you would be able to ask your family to go on a diet with you and have them comply?  Not very many.  That's why Don't Bitch, Get Skinny is wonderful as it has tasty dishes, refreshing drinks and wonderful tasting sweets. 

So, don't just mope around and get depressed about your weight, but do something about it.  Or as the authors say, DON'T BITCH, GET SKINNY!  After all, you deserve to look and feel your best.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Helen M. Radics
was invited after her first cookbook


Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© was published earlier this year.She showed how to prepare "Hungarian Goulash with Nokedli" live on CTV. Interview conducted by Kyle Christie of CTV News.

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Cooking Segments - Helen M. Radics was invited back by popular demand to do another live cooking segment in the CTV NEWS studio.

See Helen M. Radics prepare "Hungarian Bean Goulash Soup" served with Hungarian Cheese Sticks.Anchor Nancy Richards was at hand to welcome the author and her latest cookbooks.

Learn how magical Hungarian cooking is.


Learn the secret of our spices, especially the magic of Hungarian red Paprika powder, that is a symbol of Hungary.  It's unique flavor could range from extremely sweet to fiery hot.  You will be surprised of its many uses in our culinary treasures.

Learn how to create our world famous Hungarian Goulash, soups and many more famous and mouth watering dishes.

Helen M Radics& Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®is a proud supporter of this worthwhile charity. The author has been invited as special guest for her bank's charity barbecue fundraiser event. She has donated her partial book sales to support "Weekend to End Woman's Cancers"


My husband, Joe and I always dreamed about creating a Hungarian heritage cookbook of our family's most cherished and beloved recipes from the time we were married. My Grandmother Apollonia and her Mother first created a little notebook of family recipes in 1891 and that gave Joe and I the idea for a family cookbooks. Just before my birthday in 1990 we wanted to surprise our daughter Helen with a little booklet of our most loved recipes. Because Joe and I treasured our family traditions and recipes so much and were extremely proud of our Hungarian heritage, we decided to name our little recipe booklet The Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®. We also wished to honor our Mother's so the subtitle became Our Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™.



We planned on publishing a full size cookbook for our Silver Wedding Anniversary in 1991. However Life stopped us and we kept postponing our little project. The accident and in 1995 the death of the love of my life, my husband Joe, put the brakes on my creativity once again until my daughter Helen, told me in no uncertain terms in 2010 that life is too short to waste it. 


I decided to listen to her, I grabbed my pen, brand new notebook and started to re-organize my favorites to be included in my first book, Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© 1, or as my customers call it, the“Red Book. As decades ago, my husband and I already knew trying to fit all the recipes into one book, would be an impossible task. So, just as planned with Joe, while he was still alive, I created a my 1st cookbo

ok series.  I also wished to honor my Mother-in-Law and my Mother by using the subtitle that Joe and I dreamed up so many years ago, as a title of my next cookbook, Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes©.


If you visit my YouTube cooking channel or foodie blogs you will find free video recipes of our most popular dishes, which I wished to share from the pages of my cookbooks to give you a taste of what you can find in them.  You will find hundreds of recipes in my cookbooks and e-books.  Today I have several cookbooks, numerous e-books, but dozens of recipes are still collecting dust, waiting for another book to give them home...

Let me share with your my cookbooks through which I share The Secret of Hungarian Cooking® one delicious recipe at a time


Helen M. Radics and her late husband Joe Radics started creating their now acclaimed cookbooks following their marriage in 1966.   
The couple established their cookbook company Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® in 1990 and also established the Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™ which only features works of the author. 
Today, the company is still a family collaboration as the author's daughter, Helen Radics Jr. has taken over as company manager, artistic designer, photographer, editor and distributor. 
Helen M. Radics now only needs to focus on creating new cookbooks, new video recipes for her well known cooking channel HRCSIDARANOLI and making appearances on television and at charity events.
Currently the author has 7 English language and 1 Hungarian language cookbooks and several e-cookbooks and e-baking book available through this website (bookstore /ebookstore), her EJUNKIE  e-cookbook store, Official eBay store Hungarian Heritage Cookbook Store™ and hundreds of stores around the world.

We have created the following new feature for our Hungarian Speaking customers due to the overwhelming requests that we have received through our e-mail feedback section requesting a Hungarian langua
ge cookbook.  This book is the translation of our popular cookbook Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™

One by one, we will translate and publish all of our cookbooks into Hungarian, which will be available first in e-book and then in printed format.
    Why not surprise your Hungarian friends with this unique gift.  They will be amazed by your thoughtful gesture. 


    Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™ now in Hungarian
  $20.00E-BOOK Version                          

The Budapest Tourism Office (Hungarian National Tourism Board) has collaborated with author Helen M. Radics in creating a true image of  Hungary and its culinary creations by providing officially authorized links, photos and videos to enrich her website and cookbooks.

The Board has also praised the author for spreading Hungarian Culture and Hungary's

culinary treasures outside the borders of Hungary through her cookbooks, e-books, cooking show and television appearances.

By visiting their website you will be able to find out current information about hotels, famous restaurants, historic Café Houses, events, museums, opera and other attractions that this history rich country could offer you.


Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™ has been created by author Helen M. Radics, which only features her cookbooks and e-books.  The logo on the left has been designed by her daughter, Helen Radics Jr. who also created our company logo.

The Library introduces you to Hungary's history rich culinary world, Hungarian wines, elegant and delectable pastries, cakes, tortes and the rustic breads of the Hungarian countryside.  The author's 8 cookbooks and numerous e-books also share with you the secret of such national treasures as the mouth-watering Hungarian Goulash, the fiery Chicken Paprikash and Hungarian Cabbage Rolls which are made with the use of Hungary's national spice, Hungarian Red Paprika Powder

Learn how this irreplaceable spice traveled to Hungary with the invader Turks who stayed in Hungary for 150 years, leaving behind a culture forever changed.  The still treasured coffee also came to Hungary during this time.  The author will also introduce you to world famous Budapest Café Houses and their delectable specialties such as the regal Dobos Torte and the aristocratic Eszterhazy Cake.  
Each volume of the Library will surprise you with its large collection of recipes, culinary facts, the culinary evolution of Hungary, guides and tables that will make recipe recreation a breeze.  She also included an extensive herbal dictionary and spice guide in many of her cookbooks that will show you how to cook delicious, traditional comfort foods and gourmet dishes without the use of health damaging ingredients such as lard. 

This is some of the feedback that I have received from media outlets and people about my cookbooks

 Chef Gordon Ramsay
" A lovely and useful gift"

(about my 1st cookbook)

 David Katz
Life Network

"Helen tries to let people know about Hungary's unmistakable culinary world."
 CTV News
Kyle Christie

"Much more than just a cookbook"
 CTV News
Nancy Richards

"Easy to follow lovely books"
John Fear

"Hungarian dishes will delight"
 Gabor Kluka
Budapest National
Tourism Board

"We are very happy that you promote Hungarian food and delicacies online and printing form in Canada. It is very helpful to make a better image about Hungary"

Helen M. Radics is not the only
author of the family.  Her daughter, Helen Radics (jr) is a published poet and the author of Tell Your Fortune™ in both English and Hungarian and Ask The Book™.  Both these books are available through this website and in the author's eBay book store. Currently if you purchase one of these books, your name will be entered into winning a free copy of Tell Your Fortune™.
These books could be wonderful Christmas gifts for the person who loves interesting gifts, books and is also fascinated by the mystery of Life.  As it already sold out twice we suggest that you purchase your copy soon to avoid the Christmas rush.

Try Hungarian Bean Soup With Sausage & Dumplings, Hungarian Goulash Soup, Hungarian Jam Bukta and Vanilla Sugar.  These are some of my free video recipes.

Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a rich history that
shaped a nation that is still proud  of their heritage.

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Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a rich history that shaped a nation that is still proud  of their heritage.  
Cultural events, culinary creations and government protected historic buildings are just some of the many treasures left behind by our ancestors that fill each of us with pride and prompts us to do our part in preserving what generations before us dreamed up, created and fought for.
Visit this beautiful country through the pages of our cookbooks full of tradition and heritage.
Learn why the Hungarian National Tourism Board praised our cookbook as the true ambassadors of Hungary's culinary world.

My dream came true when I met my idol Chef Gordon Ramsay at the Chef's Challenge for
Pause Stop Previous Next View full-sized photos
Breast and Ovarian cancer in Toronto, at the Carlu. He was a very lovely, charming and sweet man.

Everything I imagined him to be. I can't ever express how grateful I am to him for taking time out of his busy schedule.

We also met Chef Massimo who is a sweet and loving man, and Chef Rocco, being his charming self. It is wonderful that such famous chefs care enough to take time out of their hectic professional life to do a fundraiser for a cause so dear to my heart.

It is always wonderful to see when another culture is interested in Hungarian recipes, specialties and customs. 
I am extremely proud to know that Hungarian Goulash, Chicken Paprikash and Hungarian Potato Paprikash are a permanent addition to the menu of first class resorts at the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba.  

I cannot describe the feeling that I get when I receive a call or an e-mail from a chef who is still amazed at the flavors of Hungary.  
There are several other recipes in Hungary's history rich culinary world that I am sharing through the pages of my 8 cookbooks. 
You will also find free recipes and video recipes on this website. 

It is not only Hungarian Goulash that makes Hungary famous, but also our delectable Hungarian cakes, and pastries that were favorites of kings, queens and the public. 
They are easy to prepare, old-world recipes, that still make you the queen of your party. 

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Learn The Secret of Hungarian Cooking® from author Helen M Radics and fall in love with the Flavours of Hungary™ one delicious recipe at a time.

After all Hungarian food is much more than just goulash and paprikash.

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®
is the Registered Trademark of Helen M. Radics.
 No other person/company shall use named registered Trademarks
in any way that shall cause confusion as to their ownership