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Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®

The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®

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 Of course just like everyone else, I also enjoy the feel of an old book in my hands, the smell, the texture and the history that surrounds me as I flip the pages of my favorite novel.  The magic and lure of books had me in their power ever since I could read or perhaps even before. 


However, we must not deny the fact that the future is here and perhaps e-books are not magical but could be visually stunning, practical,  easily transportable and accessible.


There are other incentives as well.  You don't need to wait for shipping and you also save the shipping charges which could, lets face it, be a bit steep sometimes.  Our Australian customers buy a large quantity of my e-books as they would like to have my recipes right away, but do not want to wait a few days for the books to arrive.  However having e-books you are able to travel anywhere and still have your entire library at your fingertips.  Don't worry you don't need to be tech savvy. 


If you are still not convinced about e-books, or perhaps don't want to invest in an eReader you can still easily access your e-book from your pc or smartphone, without any charge.  So why don't you try one of our e-books today and enjoy hundreds of recipes, including pastries, main dishes, cakes, herbal dictionary, food history and so much more.  We have complete cookbooks and baking books available for you. 


Just choose your book, pay and download.  Each e-book contains dozens of colored photo pages as well for an easier recipe recreation and serving guide. 




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Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® 1  -  ENGLISH LANGUAGE

This is the first book in e-book format, by Canadian Cookbook author and Life Magazine Spokesperson Helen M. Radics, featured CTV News, Life Network and by Life Magazine.









Number of pages: 147

Colored photos:    113


Take a journey through Hungary's history rich culinary world through the pages of Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®© 1



  • Clickable Table of Contents
  • Clickable Herbal Dictionary
  • History of Hungarian Red Paprika
  • Healthy Oils, Spices
  • History of Hungarian Wine
  • Hungarian Wine Selection
  • Appetizers
  • Main Dishes
  • Side Dishes
  • Cakes
  • Pastries
  • Breads
  • Tortes
  • Biscuits
  • Truffles

...and many more traditional and original recipes from the author Helen M. Radics.  Don't miss out owning the e-book version of this highly collectable, keepsake of cookbook, that your family will cherish for years to come.

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection  Hungarian Language Version

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™© Hungarian Version is the true translation of our popular printed cookbook.
Magyar nyelvu elektromos konyv valtozata eredeti szakacskonyvunknek melyben megtalalhatok csaladunk feltve orzott receptjei es a videk hagyomanyos izei.  Unnepi receptek, deszertek es es fogyaszthato dekoraciok mellett a kovetkezo kiemelt szakaszok gazdagitjak konyvunk lapjait
  • Gyogynoveny Szotar
  • Fuszer Szotar
  • Suto Homerseklet Utmutato
  • Folyekony merce
  • Szilard merce
  • Magyar Porkolt Teljes Tortenete
  • Paraszt Etelek
  • Hus Etelek
  • Sutemenyek / Edessegek
  • Levesek
  • Sos es Edes Sutnivalok


Tobb tucat foto oldal es vicces ilustraciok gardagitjak lapjainkat melyen keresztul megismerhetjuk a fozes szorakoztato oldalat.  Konnyen elkeszitheto receptek az elfoglalt haziasszony reszere akinek nincs ideje komplikalt es idopocsekolo leirasokra.  Uj csaladi kedvencek csak egy kattintasra vannak konyhanktol. Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™© Hungarian Version is the true translation of our popular printed cookbook.


Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® Easy Baking   -   ENGLISH LANGUAGE

Another complete baking book from Helen M. Radics featuring sweet and savory recipes, rustic breads and delectable desserts





The e-book's dozens of colored photos will bring to life the tempting creations of turn of the century Budapest Café Houses, and the mouth-watering desserts of the every-day Hungarian household.

Comfort Foods Fall/Winter   -  ENGLISH LANGUAGE

Welcome to another unforgettable e-cookbook by the author, which she dedicated to one of her favorite seasons, Fall. O.K. we must be honest, she has sneaked in some recipes that you will simply love during blistery winter days as well.


As you know I live in Canada but my heritage is Hungarian, so you will find dozens of time tested recipes from the tables of my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother.


As always, she aimed to create a cookbook that will include all parts of cooking. Soups and main dishes are a must in her family that all well rounded meals would include.

You will find mouth-watering diet soups, rustic soups, elegant gourmet soups, holiday dishes and peasant recipes that will be guaranteed family favorites warming up your heart and soul.



Copyright ®©Helen M Radics/Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®©The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®©

Copyright ™©1966

Canada 2011


Please note that the Library is only featuring works of author Helen M. Radics. Currently one of our competitors started to illegally use the Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™© as her own creationThat is unauthorized use of our cookbook's collective title for which my company owns both copyright and trademark.

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® Goulash Book  - ENGLISH LANGUAGE

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®© Goulash Book™ is exclusively an e-book.
Number of pages:    40
Colored Photos:       30
It's printed format is not yet available.  The book features dozens of colored photos that bring to life the secret of Hungarian Goulash, Paprikash and all goulash based recipes.
The goulash and paprikash family includes several surprising dishes such as Hungarian Potato Paprikash and dish that is considered to be a national treasure, The world-famous Hungarian Chicken Paprikash. Goulash Book is a complete look at Hungarian Goulash and all its cousins...


Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® 2  -  ENGLISH LANGUAGE




This is a very unique baking book revealing some of the most secretly guarded recipes of Hungary.  Helen M. Radics' baking book is rare as there are almost no baking books in Hungarian culinary circles





Number of Pages: 195 
Colored Pages:  97
A complete baking book from sweet to savory enriched by 97 colored photo pages that bring to life the delectable creations of turn of the century Budapest Café Houses, and the every-day family favorites of Hungarian households.

The book is complete with a historical section on famous Budapest Café Houses, Breads, Biscuits, Breadsticks, Pastries, Cakes, Tortes, Pastries, Truffles, Meringues, Holiday Cakes, Holiday Cookies and so much more...

Helen M Radics' baking book will surely become a new family favorite cherished by generations to come.

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection English Version    





Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™©is Helen M. Radics' latest e-book.  It is the electronic version of her printed cookbook with the same title. 


The author shares her family recipes through the Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™which was created by her decades ago.  The Library only features the works of Helen M. Radics and not other author. 






Number of Pages: 214

  • An Expanded Herbal Dictionary
  • Spice Guide
  • Oven Temperature Guide
  • Liquid Measurement Chart
  • The complete history of Hungarian Goulash
  • Peasant Dishes
  • Meat Dishes
  • Pastries & Sweets
  • Soups
  • Baking Section (Sweet to Savory)

Enriched by dozens of photo pages and fun illustrations that will share with you the light side of cooking.  Easy to create recipes for the everyday busy woman, who has no time for complicated explanations and time-consuming instructions. 


Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™   -   ENGLISH LANGUAGE



Helen M Radics dedicated Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™© to the ladies of her family who had the biggest influence on her life. Her Mother, and her Grandmothers. She shares with you over a hundred colored photos and black and white family photos that bring to life the many traditional and original dishes that her family has cherished for generations and your family will adore as well.




It is a complete cookbook including Appetizers, Salads, Main Dishes, Meat Dishes, Desserts, Savory pastries, Breads, Biscuits, Truffles and many more recipes that have the potential of becoming new family favorites. The book's traditional recipes are accompanied by gourmet creations and original dishes of her family.


Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™  -    ENGLISH LANGUAGE



A wonderful collection of Hungarian Soups and delectable Desserts. The author Helen M Radics managed to collect these royalties of the Hungarian Culinary World into one highly collectible, keepsake of a books.   This is an extensive soup collection ranging from the mouth-watering hardy to the elegant gourmet that Helen M Radics is so well known for.




Helen M. Radics is the Official Life Magazine Spokesperson for “Walnut Roll” which enriches the cover of this e-book and after trying this lovely, traditional Christmas dessert, you will realize why she has been chosen for this prestigious title. Try Helen’s other e-books to create an authentic Hungarian e-book library. Helen M Radics also has an extensive collection of printed cookbooks

Grandmother's Breads    -  ENGLISH LANGUAGE

She shares with you her family's favorite bread, dinner roll and bread stick recipes. These time tested specialties will certainly become your family favorites as well. Each recipe will show you how easy it is to prepare and bake your own homemade breads by hand and not by bread machine.


Helen believes that your hands are the best kitchen tools that you can ever find and love is the most important ingredient of any recipe. If you love the person you are baking for you will put your heart and soul into each wonderful, fragrant specialty that you put on the table.


Fragrant, homemade breads are just a click away..