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These fun little stories are from my life, showing you that life doesn't need to be so serious all the time


Some Coffee

My brother, who was a district attorney visited his friend  the Governor General of Hungary. They decided to drop in. I had 20 minutes notice from my brother of the visit.


I was very excited and nervous, as it's not every day that you have such important guest. I prepared my best china, got the coffee ready, filled the sugar pot and set the table. Just as I finished they sowed up.


My brother's friend remarked that finally he will get a great cup of coffee as he heard my coffee was very memorable.


I poured the coffee, offered the sugar and set down to chat with my company.


Then I saw the first shiver or disgust on the face of my "important" guest; then my husband shook all over in repulsion, my brother, who was always the best behaved man of any party, unceremoniously spat the coffee back into the elegant china cup. I was so mortified, I could faint.


To my questioning glance, my brother, after sipping some water, calmly stated that perhaps next time I could serve the coffee with sugar instead of SALT....


Chicken Soup


As you know I am a cookbook author and cooking has filled my life not only with mouth-watering bites but amusing moment as well.


Once, one of my friends called me and asked how I make my “Chicken Soup” because her husband loves it and she would like to surprise him. My friend was very pretty, always wearing the latest designer styles, however cooking wasn’t one of her strong suit.


I gave her the recipe in detail and about an hour later she came over and told me that everything is on the stove and she is very proud of herself. I agreed with her as she has never cooked anything before. I asked her if she put this and that in the soup.


She said “OF COURSE”.


In about 30 minutes I told her to go and check on the soup and make sure it doesn’t boil over. She came back in a few minutes and said that it’s all fine. In another 30 minutes I asked her to check it again. She came back and said that it was fine.