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Thank you Helen for creating such pleasurable cookbooks.  Everybody in my family loved them.  I gave them out as a family reunion gift.  I keep getting phonecalls from all the guest to find out more about your wonderful websites and books.  I will be getting more of them for Christmas and once again I am so sorry for what happened with that lady.  I hope she will not use  comments "supposedly" from me and wont contact me again
Jean G., USA

Thank you for sending me your latest cookbook, and just love it.  My husband couldn't stop laughing about the illustrations.  We all have a new favourite cookbook.  I have already made the Thanksgiving cake (my daughter-in-law is Canadian and I wanted to surprise her) wow, how fast it was gone.  First everyone was just staring it and they all adored me for being able to create something so special.  Thank youi Helen,oh by the way my husband reported that person on eBay because she contacted us and tried to tell us she wrote your book and we should buy her book instread.  How low for book writer to do something like this.  Be strong, we will all be loyal to you.  Your books have proven to be fantastic and your videos are evidence of your cooking skill.  Nobody can take that from you. 
Lorry V.

Do you remember me Helen, I just got your cookbook I am so happy that you are so popular.  I still remember the paprikas you make me many years ago.  I never forget.  Thank you for making the book and happy to hear you do so good

Iliana Costas, Mexico

I'm so happy to found your cookbooks online, I just got them today, I thought I should write you right away.  I tried the ham & cheese pastry, it was ever so tasty. Unbelievable.  How did you come up with a great recipe like this?  Take care, and I cant wait to get your next book, just ordered it. 

Joan Miller, Sacramento, USA

Hello Ms. Radics, I think I should share this here.  Further to your inquiry, Thomas B. wanted me to relay you this message.  He is working on what I suggested and as per such all of it is protected and any further use of it would be dealt with.  Do not worry, people such as her always existed.  Many of them try to take advantage of loopholes but there is none to be found.  You are the owner of all these rights, and your rights are protected by law.  Any person trying to claim otherwise is simply wasting their money and the court's time.  Harassment is another issue, I will be in touch with you in person as it needs to be addressed as well.  Tell your brother, Feri too bad he retired.  

Rupert C. London, UK EOU Cons. CPO Law of WEDIXXT2081

 Helen, I am so very sorry for your daughter's loss,and yours too.  We had a little prayer session for him.  It is said to say this but now, your books are selling como loco.  I don't know how to keep up. No se... I am happy and sad for you.   Gracias mi amiga I'm waiting for the books

Pilar E.  Manzanillo, Mexico

Helen, my new favorite author, my friends in Buffalo thank you for the lovely stories, the delic. dishes and the cooking lessons.  We have included the videos as a teaching tool in our school.  Everyone's favorite is "Lecso" we all love it.  ps  All of Your books are gone.  Send me more please.  I have sent you an e-mail with the details. 

Lilian Sutz, Buffalo, USA

I wanted to thank you for your support of the Hungarian Club, we will be forever grateful for supporting us through your cookbooks.  Since you were here we have collected another list of names and I will forward it to you tomorrow for more books.  Your Hungarian heritage recipes are such a wonderful collection of cherished memories that you awakened in all of our hearts.  Thank you for being here, and we already miss you

Maria Kovats, UK

Helen, please let me know dear when you come to the London books expo next month, if you are available again for the King's Castle book signing.  I enjoyed your company at the event, and our new event is coming again.  Everyone is waiting for your.  Imagine, we have a little goulash cooking group now, and we are delivering your wonderful dishes all over.  Thank you for giving us your recipes.  You are a lovely lady. 
Sir Michael Billisby, London UK

I just got the new book, it arrivied in an amazing 2 days, and I'm in L.A. wow.  The book is really feels as a keepsake.  All my friends love it. but I'm not sharing.  Thank you.  Let me know when the new one is coming out.  I heard it will be another Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes book can't wait.
Marisa, LA, United States

I was worried that the wont be here for father's day but it came.  My dad will love it I'm sure.  Thank you so much for the fast shipping.  I'm happy that I didnt' have to pay extra for the 4 books.
Ray, Chicago, United States

Thank you Helen for the nice dedication.  When are you coming back for another book signing.  All the members are still talking about the Goulash you shared with us.  My favourite is the red book, because it is red like your red paprika that you gave us.
Mrs. Valeria Oroshazy, Ottawa
I have all your books, but I love Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes the best.  I really enjoyed the family photos and the Easter section. By the way, your Grandmas and Mom look fantastic.  Real grand ladies.  I can see on the recipes that they must have had an elegant household. I'm very happy that Marisa shared your website with me. 
Katya, LA United States

 When I got your books several months ago I never dreamed that you can top them with any of your new cookbooks.  Was I mistaken.  The new book, Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes is beyond all expectations.  I also love the fact that you included family photos and original recipes.  What a treasure to have.  I love my little cookbook library.  You are the star in it.
Emelia Cross, Buffalo, United States

Thank you Helen for send me you bonito libros, muy preciosos.  When you come back to Mexico?  You come to my bookstore and sign books for everybody ok?  Gracias

Pilar E.  Manzanillo, Mexico

What a lovely book, I can't wait to get the other two.  I also enjoy your videos as reference.  Please never stop making them.
Sue Horvath, Windsor, Canada

I love the books, thanks for the speedy delivery, my daughter-in-law loved her gift so much. 
Marika Kiss-Toth, Stratford, Canada

Enjoyable book, bring back my childhood, and the feel of my mother and grandmother's cooking.  Thank you for the this
Chris Taylor, Toronto, Canada

We checked out your website and we are very happy that you promote Hungarian food and delicacies online and printing form in Canada. It is very helpful to make better image about Hungary.

Keep up the good work.
Mr. Gábor Kluka

Online Marketing
BTH Budapesti Turisztikai Nonprofit Kft. / Tourism Office of Budapest
1056 Budapest, Március 15. tér 7.
Tel: +36 1 328 4088, +36 1 266 0479 / 128 mellék
Budapest, Hungary

Thank you again and all the best for you and your mother’s work. We are very happy to know that you spreading the Hungarian cuisine and culture in an other continent

If you need any material for your work about Budapest and Hungary in the future just let us know, we will provide it.

Kind regards,

Mr. Gábor Kluka

Online Marketing
BTH Budapesti Turisztikai Nonprofit Kft. / Tourism Office of Budapest
Budapest, Hungary




This is a real Hungarian cookbook.  I've been loking for something like this for a long time.  With its 3 volumes it covers almost all Hugnarian dishes and I really love the baking book.  I'm getting your new book, please let me know when it's out.  Thans again for enriching my cookbook library


Margit Emmelfalvy, Orillia, Canada



i only wish to bless you for your sweetness of delivering my books to me in person. what a service, i told my daughters when i gave them the sets and they said that they will include you in teir prayers for more sucess. you are a lovely lady, i told my bingo ladies and they will be getting the books when they get their income tax refund, god bless you my dear


Krisztina Kovats, Sarnia, Canada



Hi Helen, thank you so much for the quick delivery of the books. All my sisters were very happy to receive your lovely collection of 3-set cookbooks. I also told them about your cookign videos, we all made somethign from it for Christmas. I made the poppy seed roll, they made pacal porkolt with potato, my Mom made your cabbage rolls the way you make it without tomato paste. This was a fanstatic and cool Christmas, everyone asked me when will I cook agian. I lvoe your books and will be telling everybody to buy them. let me know about the new one please, i'm getting my vallet ready and my yumm my tomtom as well, best regards, kingus 


Kingar Oroshazy, Melbourne Australia




 I loved the books, thank you for sending it so fast. All my friends and fmaily enjoyed my layer cabbaged and bejgli for Christmas, I can't wait to get your new book. Keep on working, and remember all my friends are fans.


Maria Vigh, LA, California



I just wanted to tell you that your video on You Tube "How to make Dios Bejgli" made my husband's Christmas. He is originally from Miskolc and I grew up in the United States. With all his family still in Hungary he doesn't get traditional Hungarian Christmas foods very often. He is very happy that I can now make Dios Bejgli for him each year. Thanks!!! And he has promised that I will be getting the three cookbooks soon. Looking forward to watching your other videos. You make it a lot easier for us.


Amie Csege, Arkansas, USA




I got my books today, and let me tell you love I think they are just abs. lovely.  I particularly enjoy the goulash section.  I'm not Hungarian but there was a little restaurant in Cardiff but moved to Newwenden with my husband 21 years ago.  I still miss uncle Bela's cooking from the restaurant.  That is how we all called him.  I don't know if he is still alive but now his dishes are forever. Thank you so much and please let me know if you'd like any of my country's recipes.


Adair Galashiels , Newenden, UK




Hey, what cool books.  I didn't know what to get my mom for her birthday and I figured she cooks all the time so why not give her a coobook.  Went on eBay you came up 3rd and I liked the red colour, so I got the books.  Hey, man she was crying when she looked through them.  She can't stop being nice to me know, cool and I also get to eat all the good stuff that she makes out of those books.  Thanks again, I'll be back for Christmas for my aunts


Ricky Myer, Alpaugh, California



You made my life so much easier,  I'm a single dad and I belong to a recipe sharing site called the "Busy Dad" and one of our members showed me a new cookbook Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes and told me that he went on the website and gets free recipes from you.  I tried was sceptical, but I went and tried the Chicken Paprikash and my kids loved it, not to mention me and I'm no chef by any means so I decided to get the first book and since it came I feel like a chef.  you should see it now, it sits in the kitchen and my kids (stacy 9, joey 12) put a yellow sticky post piece on the recipe that they want the next day for dinner.  So it became my kitchen bible.  Thank you, I'll be getting your other books as well. 


David Liotta, Byron, California



I didn't know what to give my new sister-in-law for her wedding anniv.  so I decided to shop on ebay.  Was I lucky, when I found your book in the cookbook section.  But I'm also a little jealous now because I'm a better cook and she actually makes more exotic dishes because of your book.  Yes, it might sound funny to you but I'm born American, never been outside the States and Hungarian is exotic to me.  I hope my books come just as fast as hers.  Imagine it was here in 2 days.  Thanks


Chrissy Amaranthjous


Hi, I'm Kate from Broken Hill Australia.  We're kind of isolated here, and internet is my escape.  If I shop, I go on ebay.  I loved your books, I cook from them all the time and when a friend of mine sent me an e-mail to a youtube cooking video before Christmas I was surprised to see that it is you in the video.  I made the poppy seed roll and my husband (very new husband fo 4 months) loved it and now he thinks he's very lucky because he has me.  I will love your books forever.  You have so many recipes that I will keep him guessing for years to come.  Also congrats, I saw that your video is up to over 1400 viewers.  Wow, but I'm not surprised.


Almeda Williams, Broken Hill, Australia


Love that I can follow your video recipes and the cookbook recipes at the same time.  So if I miss the ingredients while enjoying your videos I can find them in the book.  What a service.  I'm happy to finally find a cookbook series that not only tells you of the recipes but also show them to you.  And the other thing is, I can see that you know what you're talking about.  You def. know how to cook and prove that you don't have to be a chef to teach people your recipes.  I love that my home is full of the wonderful scent of home cooking.


April Louis, Chicago