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Welcome to my poetry corner!


I hope that you will enjoy your stay. 

I will be sharing with you some of my

original  poems  that I've

written over the years.  My Mother,

Helen M. Radics generously offered to

showcase her favorites ... 






Without your love I'm lost.
For me your kiss is a must.
I love you forever my Angel,
But I know there is too much danger.

You are my first lover,
and in my blood forever.
Will I ever see you again,
Or was it just another one of Life's cruel games?
Your love was so pure,
That it was the only cure,
for my broken heart,
and I can never get enough of your scorching touch.

I know that you have another life
and in God's eyes this must be a crime,
but you are in my heart 'till the end of time.
In my mind you'll always be mine.

My first lover,
In my blood FOREVER....



Needing You©

A river without an ocean,
is a song without emotion.

The Moon without the stars,
is a lover without a heart.

A flower without its scent
is an "I Love You" never meant.
A stormy sky without a rainbow to follow,
is a sad day without tomorrow.

...and arms without needing, lips without yearning,
glances without burning, eyes without feeling,
had the power to leave my Heart bleeding,
without any feeling.

Burning, yearning, and still needing ...

 First Love©

The look of love is in her eyes as she turns to him,
The icy touch of pain's cold hand wipes it out of them.

The promise of love sits on her lips as she tries again,
but the empty stare from his dead eyes chases it away.


Bitter pain is within her heart as she turns from him,
unwelcomed tears rush to her eyes yearning to be free.

Unwanted love's within her soul never wanting to leave.


A silent scream of her broken heart still echoes in his ears,
as he watches the woman he loves, simply disappear.

The look of pain is in his eyes as he stands alone,
knowing he lost the love he had never known.





This poem has been featured and

published by


The International Library of Poetry


in 2001

Silver Moon©

Silver Moon, your diamond studded gown
covers my soul
every night like a magnificent jewel

Your hypnotizing glance haunts me endlessly
Is this something you can't see
Why must you torment my soul,
tell me what is your goal

Why must I remain in this jail
Why must every plan fail
How long must I suffer for not being able to love another

Why must I be punished for what I feel
When will I start to heal
Why can't you sprinkle some magic dust
over my shattered heart

Hypnotize me at last
with that diamond twinkle in your eyes.
Caress me with your silver beams,
lift me into the land of sweet dreams...



The Kiss of An Angel©





I felt the kiss of an angel,
He told me he'll protect me from danger.
This beautiful Angel
Was no stranger.


It was you my love,
coming to protect me from harm.
You held me in your arms,
Let me feel your charms.

Perhaps one last time,
You showed me that you'll always be mine.

You're angelic smile gave me the strength at least
To face those skeptics
who believed that without you, I'll be destroyed,
But your angel kiss restored
my faith that almost died with you.


I felt your kiss my angel,
and somehow I don't feel like I'm in danger,
Because your love filled my soul
one last time

you made me whole.