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This picture was considered to be on the back cover of my first book Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes.


By the time the all the photos were taken, somehow my "schnitzel" has disappeared.  Although I made 25 of them, I had to make dinner, because there was non left. 


I guess I should be happy, because it shows that everyone liked what I made, but still...  I was soooo hungry








 This is the back cover of my second book, the green book.
I made 3 huge bunches of "sour cherry rum bake" cakes.   Just don't ask me what they tasted like, because once again, there was none to be found by the time I changes. 
I believe the best complement you could get is when all the food you make is gone. 


My favorite photo of my CTV cooking segment with anchor Kyle Christie and my daughter Helen Radics Jr.



CTV News - Cooking with Helen M Radics


Anchor Nancy Richards, my daughter and me












With Chef Gordon Ramsay








We have taken so many pictures for the third book's back cover, but ended up using another shot from the second book's.


We had many debates with my daughter about not changing the first photo,but I won. 


She wanted to use the same picture on every book, but Mother's always right.







Me, with my chef students in the Dominican Republic following their successful re-creation of Hungarian Goulash and Chicken paprikash. 


I will always feel honoured for being invited to teach the wonders of the Hungarian culinary world.














With Chef Rocco






                        With Chef Massimmo Capra