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Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®

The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®

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Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™ 



                                    The book is dedicated to the memory of the author's Mother (nee Zsuszanna Tolnay)
Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™  from Helen M Radics author of Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 1,2,3 and Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™  .  The author did not include Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™ in her cookbook series due to its uniqueness. 
The book concentrates on the secret family recipes of the Szabo, Tolnay, Swartz and Radics families.  All the Recipes are original or have her family's tradition stamped all over them.  

My Mother & Grandmothers


Growing up my Mom and "Grandy" , my Paternal Grandmother were the most important female role models of my life. They shaped me who I am today, gave me the love of food, good ingredients and to share what I have with those I love and care for. My Maternal Grandmother thought me that a woman should always be a lady, even when she’s cooking or going to the grocery store. She was always immaculate and wore white gloves even when slicing bread for her many grandchildren. Most importantly she never washed dishes without gloves.

I must admit, I still remember many of her lessons, however (even though I have a dishwasher) I do the dishes bare handed and don’t wear gloves to slice bread. But those were different times.


The most important part of her legacy to me is that when you take care of your family you should always remember to take care of yourself, be happy and loving. She taught me to carry on with the special traditions of our family and to keep her Mother’s Hungarian heritage recipes alive however difficult life may become. She always encouraged me to forge on during life’s trial and tribulations, and to always be true to who I am, and above all never forget where I came from. Every time I write down one of her heritage recipes her loving words echo in my ears.


So, I will share with you the many unique and original recipes passed down from the most important ladies of my family. Enjoy the recipes.


Bon Appetite!

Helen M Radics  


About Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes


Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipesis the latest book by Canadian cookbook author, and Life Magazine Spokesperson Helen M Radics. There is also an e-bookversion of this book. Featured on CTV News, Life Network and by Life Magazine. Helen M Radics has created another wonderful collection of easy to follow, memorable recipes.


The book's pages are brought to life by photos  and illustrations that let you glance into the author's well-guarded family secret recipes and traditions. She dedicated her book to her Mother and Grandmothers, who gave her the opportunity of becoming a person who adores cooking and taking care of her family through her traditional recipes filled with love and family history.


The author's Hungarian Heritage Recipe Collection could only be found in Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes1,2,3 and Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes by Helen M Radics.


Mom’s Hungarian Heritage Recipes™ is a complete cookbook including Appetizers, Salads, Main Dishes, Meat Dishes, Desserts, Savoury pastries, Breads, Biscuits, Truffles and many more recipes that have the potential of becoming new family favorites. The book's traditional recipes are accompanied by gourmet creations and original dishes found only in the Szabo, Tolnay, Swartz and Radics families.

Don't miss out owning this highly collectable, keepsake of a cookbook that your family will cherish for generations to come. The author Helen M Radics' Hungarian Heritage Recipe Collection is beautifully gathered in her latest cookbook Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™ On Sale NoW!!!


  • Hungarian Smoked Specialties - Magyar Fustolt Specialitasok 
  • Hungarian Easter - Magyar Husvet
  • My Mother & My Grandmothers - Edesanyam es Nagymamaim
  • History of Hungarian Goulash - Magyar Porkolt Multja
  • Your Pantry


  • Hungarian Bean Soup with Sausage - Kolbaszos Bableves
  • Traditional Chicken Soup - Csirkehusleves
  • Grandma's Chicken Soup - Nagyi Tyukhuslevese
  • Peasant Soup - Lebbencs Leves
  • Hungarian Spring Ragu Soup - Tavaszi Ragu Leves
  • White Wine Soup - Borleves (Feher Bor)
  • Blackberry Pork Soup II. - Reszeges Fekete Szeder Leves
  • Red Wine and Beet Soup - Vorosboros Ceklaleves
  • Hunter Soup with Mushrooms - Vadaszleves Gombaval
  • Broccoli Cream Soup with Cruiton Stars - Broccoli Kremleves Csilagokkal
  • Chicken Soup a 'la Ujhazy - Ujhazy Tyukhusleves
  • Hungarian Green Pea Soup - Zoldborso Leves
  • Hungarian Goulash Soup - Gulyasleves
  • Beet Soup with Apples - Almas Ceklaleves
  • Garlic Soup with Sage - Zsalyas Fokhagyma Leves
  • Tarragon Vegetable Soup - Tarkonyos Zoldseg Leves
  • Lemon Soup with Parsley - Citrom Leves
  • Zucchini Soup with Basil - Bazsilikomos Cukkini Leves
  • Herbed Tomato Soup - Paradicsom Leves
  • Cold Cucumber Soup with Mint I. - Hideg Uborka Leves Mentollal
  • Cold Cucumber Soup with Mint II. - Hideg Uborka Leves Mentollal II.
  • Chilled Summer Fruit Soup - Gyumolcs Leves
  • Sour Apple Soup - Almaleves
  • Mushroom Soup - Gombaleves
  • French Onion Soup - Francia Hagymaleves
  • Cold Dill Soup - Hideg Kapor Leves
  • Seafood Soup with Shrimp - Tengeri Leves Rakkal
  • Creamy Vegetable Soup - Zoldseges Creamleves
  • Cold Apple Soup II - Hideg Almaleves II.
  • Italian Wedding Soup - Olasz Eskuvoi Leves

Meat Dishes

  • Pork on Fire - Langolo Disznopecsenye
  • Happy Pork Roast - Reszeges Disznopecsenye
  • Braided Tenderloin - Fonott Vesepecsenye
  • Rosemary Braised Lamb - Rozmaringos Parolt Birka
  • Jambalaya - Creole Rizses Hus
  • Chicken Breast in Brandy Sauce - Brandy Szoszos Csirkemell
  • Pork Rolls - Disznotekercs
  • Veal in Beer Sauce - Sor Szoszos Borju
  • Muskovy Duck Roast - Kacsapecsenye
  • Duck Breast in Red Wine - Vorosboros Kacsamell
  • Chicken Leg with Mushrooms - Gombas Csirkecomb
  • Spinach Meatballs with Bechamel Sauce - Bechamel Szoszos Husgomboc
  • Cold, Stuffed Pork Hock - Hideg Toltott Csulok
  • Pork with Mustard Sauce - Mustaros Disznopecsenye
  • Beef with Rice - Rizses Marhafelfujt
  • Sheaphard's Pie a'la Helen - Helen Pasztorpiteje
  • Tandori Lamb - Tandori Fuszeres Birka
  • Red Wine Lamb - Vorosboros Birka
  • Hungarian Chicken Paprikash - Csirkepaprikas
  • Hungarian Goulash - Sertesporkolt

Pasta Dishes

  • Hungarian Sweet Cottage Cheese Pasta - Edes Turosteszta
  • Hungarian Savory Cottage Cheese Pasta - Tepertos Turosteszta
  • My Pasta Puttanesca - Puttanesca Teszta (olasz)
  • Hungarian Sweet Walnut Pasta - Dios Teszta
  • Hungarian Sweet Poppy Seed Pasta - Makos Teszta
  • Hungarian Sweet Cabbage Pasta - Edes Kaposztas Teszta
  • Hungarian Savory Cabbage Pasta - Borsos Kaposztas Teszta
  • Hungarian Potato Paprikash Pasta - Krumplis Teszta
  • Spaghetti with Meatballs - Husgombocos Spagetti
  • Spaghetti - Spagetti

Desserts and Pastries

  • Strawberry Liquor Pudding - Epres Likor Pudding
  • Mini Chocolate Cake - Mini Csokitorta
  • Hazelnut Swish Roll - Mogyoros Piskotatekercs
  • Pear in a Gown - Korte Pongyolaban
  • Raspberry crème brûlée - Malnas crème brûlée (egetett krem)
  • Grandma's Favorite - Nagymama Kedvenc Sutije
  • Grandpa's Roll - Nagypapa Kedvenc Piskota Tekercse
  • Easter Cake - Husveti Torta
  • Apple Linzer - Almas Linzer
  • Sour Cherry Slice - Meggyes Piskota
  • Kiwi Slice - Kiwi Szelet
  • Cottage Cheese Heaven - Turos Menyorszag
  • Walnut Surprise - Dios Szelet
  • Cheese Horn - Sajtos Rolad
  • Blue Cheese Spirals - Sajtos Tekercs
  • Olive Twist - Olajbogyos Tekercs
  • Olive Stick - Olajbogyos Sajtos Rud
  • Pesto Bread Stick - Pestos Sajtos Rud
  • History of Pesto - Pesto Tortenete

Salads & Appetizers

  • Garden Vegetable Cottage Cheese - Korozott
  • Hungarian Deviled Eggs - Kaszino Tojas
  • Crab Salad - Raksalata
  • Arugula Salad with Truffle Dressing - Rukkola Salata Szarvasgomba Dresszinggel
  • Salmon Salad - Lazac Salata
  • Carrot Salad with Apples - Repa Salata Almaval
  • Mushroom Salad - Gombasalata
  • Egg Salad - Tojas Salata
  • Lemon-Herb Chicken Salad - Citromos Csirkesalata
  • Arugula Chicken Salad - Rukkolas Csirkesalata
  • Marocan Chicken Salad - Marokkoi Csirke Salata
  • Scallops in White Wine - Kagylo Feherbor Martasban
  • Smoked Salmon Roll - Fustolt Lazac Piskotatekercs
  • Smoked Salmon Quiches - Fustolt Lazac Pite
  • Cheese and Chive Balls - Sajtos Snidlinges Golyocskak
  • Guacamole and Salsa - Mexicoi Guacamole es Salsa
  • Baked Figs in Port Reduction - Sult Fuge Borban
  • Pineapple Salsa - Ananaszos Salsa
  • Mango Salsa - Mango Salsa
  • Mussels Au Gratin - Sult Kagylo
  • Red Pepper Mousse - Paprika Felfujt
  • Herbed Liver Pate - Majpastetom




Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™
Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™ is another visually stunning book from the author.  Its pages are enriched with photos and illustrations that further assist you in re-creating her recipes. 
Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™
Hungarian Smoked Specialties - Hungarian Easter -Family History - History of Hungarian Goulash
Your Pantry - Appetizers - Soups - Meat Dishes - Pasta Dishes - Salads - Desserts - Pastries - Savory Dishes / Specialties                                  
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes
® The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®
is a registered trademark of
Helen M. Radics

The Book Contains
Hungarian Smoked Specialties
Hungarian Easter
My Mother and my Grandmothers
History of Hungarian Goulash
Your Pantry
Salads Appetizers
Meat Dishes
Pasta Dishes
Desserts and Pastries
Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™ is also available in an e-book format BUY NOW!!!
Pages:  128   Colored Photos:  100