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My Interviews with Life Magazine in Hungary as the official spokesperson for "Hungarian Walnut Roll" in their annual Christmas Season Special "Which Roll You Like Best". Walnut Roll and Poppy Seed Roll are a symbol of Christmas in Hungary.  It is a well-loved and a traditional  Hungarian pastry on the table of every Hungarian household during the holiday season. 


David Katz from Life Magazine asked me to be the official representative of "Walnut Roll" in their special.  I wish to thank him for thinking of me and for allowing me to introduce my versions of Hungarian Walnut Roll (Beigli in Hungarian) to everyone.  I feel honored to be chosen.  I love to spread Hungarian culture and our national dishes. 


You will have a new Christmas favorite if you try this special Hungarian specialty. 




Report by 

David Katz 

from   Magazine Hungary


Click on picture to view Hungarian language interview (Kattints a kepre a Magyar nyelvu interju megtekintesehez)


Get to know Helen M. Radics, who's making her Hungarian Walnut Roll overseas right now.  She's a very nice lady, and this is why I feel we need to say hello to her. Helen spends her years in Canada, in a city called Waterloo. 

She is very productive through her videos, she tries to let people know about our nation's unmistakable culinary world.    As we found out from our charming Helen, she started cooking at a young age.  In other words, she's a true pro.  We found her while searching for Hungarian roll recipes on the internet.



How well do they know Hungarian rolls out there (in Canada)?




They know it well enough, and before the holidays it is very popular.


On this segment a real housewife teaches you the secret of Hungarian Rolls.  No make-up, no fancy gown, Helen's so natural.  We could finish her little story right here and now, but we are not doing that, because back home (in Hungary) for almost a week now, our annual Christmas battle is on between the Walnut Roll and Poppy Seed Roll.  On the voting started a few days ago, but already tens of thousands stood by their favorite filling.


And this is where Helen comes into the picture once again, who also votes for her favorite.



Which Roll you like the best and why?



I enjoy walnut roll best.  It reminds me of my childhood.


The lady does not only enjoy her favorite filling, but from now on, she is also the representative for the walnut roll camp.



Why should they vote for the walnut roll?



Because of its unique flavor, it's magical, warm, and you know, love is radiating from it.  It reminds me of my childhood and I would like to ask people to vote for the Walnut Roll because it is unique.  The Poppy Seed roll is an everyday roll for me. 


But who will lead the other camp?  Who will stand at the head of the Poppy Seed Group?  Find out from our next show.  Until then let's marvel in Helen's latest video, in which alongside the walnut roll, her usual charm is also sneaked in.


I'm Helen M. Radics, and I would like to greet the staff of, its viewers and Happy Holidays to Everyone. 


Go to the to view video interview

Report by 

David Katz 

from   Magazine Hungary

Report by 

David Katz 

from   Magazine Hungary


Click on picture to view Hungarian language interview (Kattints a kepre a Magyar nyelvu interju megtekintesehez)

2010 December 1st, started their ``Vote for the Roll`` national campain.  On the second day of the battle, the ``Walnut Roll`` camp`s faithful followers already showed remarkable participation.  December 06th, the ``Walnut Roll`` camp already enjoying a huge lead, found their leader in chef Helen M. Radics, who lives in Canada.


December 07th, as answer the "Poppy Seed Roll Camp" strikes back by choosing a real strong leader, in the charming Bandi Csoka.  December 04th, Reka Rubint prepared the most flavorful rolls.  December 15th, Miklos Malek Jr. chose a side.  He is a prisoner of the "Walnut Roll".  December 20th, Mark Lakatos publicly titled the "Poppy Seed Roll" more stylish. 


This is January 2nd, 2011.  Everyone in the whole country still resting from the weariness of eating all that "Walnut  & Poppy Seed Roll".  Only this studio staff needs to create a show of the "Walnut & Poppy Seed Roll Battle's" final results. 


The Life Magazine's studio is completely empty, this is a fantastic opportunity to act out on a little New Year's Eve post-celebration. 



Here goes the choo choo train...


Following the snowball fights, it feels good to relax in the boss' chair a little bit, because the serious work is only starting.  Here's the moment of truth.  Let's open up in front of us what the cruel number talk about.  More than quarter million people voted, and it's visibly noticeable that the "walnut roll" (not too much difference) but beat the "poppy seed roll". 


Let's call the loser team's representative, Andris Csonka, perhaps he's willing to comment on January 2nd, sunday. 



First of all I'd like to wish you a Happy New Year.



You too, you too my dear.  Yes, what do you want...?



Can I interview you about how was your Christmas and what you think of the results.



Well, not today, not today for sure.  But what the **** you want with this roll (beigli) again....?  Listen, I participated in this already, now, I don't know what else to say about the rolls.... 


Well, perhaps either the date or the second place made him a little but cranky.  But perhaps the captain of the winning team, Helen M. Radics will be a little more open. 



We have celebrated in a close family gathering my little girl's engagement.  ...and because of this, it was a double celebration for us. 



Was there any 'roll" (beigli) on the table?



Plenty, plenty.  We had "poppy seed roll" as well, but mainly "walnut rolls".  When on December 24th morning to night we are dropping off all the Christmas gifts for friends and acquaintances, I always include a beigli (walnut roll) for everyone.


According to Helen, her enthusiastic personality presence furthered the "Walnut Roll's" carrier. 



I was gathering votes from my friends from Austria, Australia, England... from everyone to vote. 


As we already showed the this unstoppable lady tries to introduce people outside of Hungary to the traditional flavors of our country through her cooking videos on the internet.  According to her, more people were interested in how to create the "walnut roll". 



About 80% of who asked me for advice, were preparing the "walnut roll". 


Oh, and something else, where Helen lives work only starts on Wednesday.



In Canada it's unimaginable that today on January 2nd, Sunday somebody would work, right?



Oh, nobody, not today, not tomorrow, not even on Tuesday.


But I don't want to feel sorry for ourselves, because we cleared up a very important question.  Most of the country loves "walnut roll" more than "poppy seed roll".  There is no argument.  And the fact that we had prepare this report on January 2nd, well, my God, we don't just say it.  But our passion is really entertainment. 



Report by 

David Katz 

from   Magazine Hungary