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The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®

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Books:  What's cooking on the page

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes

By Helen M. Radics



When I think of Hungarian recipes, I inevitibly think of Hungarian goulash, a well-known stew-like dish that's made with pork and of course with paprika, the national spice of Hungary. 

But did yo know there are many variations of goulash.  In her first book, Radics, who lives in Waterloo, offers versions using chicken, mushroom, tripe and even pork feet.


"Pork feet goulash is a special experience,

the first time you enjoy it.  It is messy, but

wonderful to eat," she writes.

Radics' second book, Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes 2, has an expanded appetizer setion and more recipes for truffles.  It also has more beef and pork recipes, plus recipes for dishes made with goat, duck

thighs in apple sauce and breaded frog legs.


The third book focuses on baking, with

recipes for desserts such as decadent cakes,

pastries, breads and rolls.

The first book costs $25, the second and

third $30 each. 

Liz Monteiro is a Record staff writer and co-author withLuisa D'Amato of the weekly 30-Minute Miracle cooking column.









Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 1, 2 and 3


Helen M. Radics has always been very proud of her Hungarian heritage, always wanting to share the recipes that the ladies of her family passed down from generations to generations, starting with her great-great Grandmother.


PRLog (Press Release)Nov 05, 2010 – Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ `1, 2 and 3 are English language, Hungarian cookbooks with over 400 traditional and easy to prepare Hungarian heritage recipes, handed down from generation to generation in Szabo, Tolnay and Radics families.  The over 190 coloured photos bring to life the delectable specialities of turn of the century Budapest Cafe Houses, the tempting creations of our legendary restaurants and the welcoming flavours of traditional Hungarian homes.  The books will introduce you to such famous Hungarian dishes as our mouth-watering Hungarian Goulash, Hungarian Goulash Soup, Hungarian Fish Soup, Cabbage Rolls, which are not made with tomato paste but with red paprika, still keeping the tradition of Helen M. Radics' great-great Grandmother.  It is the Hungarian way, not to use tomato paste on the Hungarian version of  Cabbage rolls, letting our staple spice, the world famous Hungarian Red Paprika give it the fiery colour of her country.  And of course what collection of traditional Hungarian heritage recipes would be complete without one of Hungary's most famous dishes, Hungarian Chicken Paprikash.  

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 1, 2 and 3  will aslo introduce you to such famous creations as the delectable Dobos Torte, Eszterhazy Torte and of course Hungary's answer to the Nut Roll,  "Beigli"
in Hungarian, which is a traditional Christmas and Easter pastry.  

Learn the secret of Hungarian cooking, and if you follow Helen M. Radics' recipes you will be amazed how much money you can save by creating healthy gourmet dishes and traditional comfort foods on a budget,  in the comfort of your home.  

Please note that some photos are owned by The Hungarian National Tourism Board, Helen M. Radics and Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ have written permission for usage of those photos.

- from the Waterloo Regional Record (K-W Record)
By Jon Fear, Record staff 
Hungarian dishes will delight
by Helen M. Radics (203 pages, $25. softcover)
   Helen M. Radics of Waterloo has been cooking since
she was a girl in her native Hungary. 
    She credits that country's spicy dishes, rich stews and sauces, hearty soups and mesmerizing deserts for influencing her food tastes.  And she credits her family for the zeal she shows in the kitchen.    

    Her father, she writes in the introduction to this simple but lovingly prepared cookbook, instilled in her the pleasure of achievement.  His mother and her own mother are responsible for her love of cooking.  And her husband and daughter, she adds, share her passion for food. 

        Her mother was "lovingly instructive, but extremely strict" about cooking.     

    "I always had to be very careful of the way I chopped onion.  It had to be as tiny as mini pearls and equal in size.  I have perfected chopping onions and other vegetable early on.  

    Radics's book includes dozens of recipes for appetizers, soups, main dishes and side dishes, plus breads, biscuits and deserts, including two recipes for chocolate truffles. 

     The traditional Hungarian dishes are all here, but the author is quick to credit influences from other countries.  She loves to cook with smoked red paprika, for example. 

     "It is not Hungarian, but adds a wonderful character to your dishes.  Especially my cabbage rolls." 

    Radics says she usually cooks with extra

virgin olive oil and grape seed oil and finishes

pasta and meat dishes with chipotle olive oil,

basil oil or truffle oil.   

"I like to use Greek extra virgin olive oil on

salads because of its crisp, clean fruity flavor."

     She notes that she prefers not to cook with

lard, even though it's still used in many Hungarian households. 

     Two pages are devote to Hungarian wines. 

And the book has many color photographs.

     You can buy this book by contacting the author by phone at 519-208-9434, or by email at .

Or you can purchase the book online through the author's website (with a discount) at



- John Fear








Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes


Learn what makes Helen's Hungarian dishes unique even amongst Hungarians. Helen will also show you how to create delectable Hungarian old-world cakes, pastries and fragrant homemade bread.


"Treasured and Beloved Hungarian Family Recipes"

Mouth-watering spicy dishes, rich stews, sauces, hearty soups, and mesmerizing desserts. That is Hungarian cuisine in short. There are not much other ethnic gastronomy that are so varied, creative, captivating and savory as Hungarian cooking. There are several influences in Hungary, Turkish, Austrian, Italian and French are only a few that spiced up Hungarian specialties. Although Hungarians always used a large variety of herbs and spices, the most famous is Hungarian Red Paprika powder. It is used to color such famous dishes as Hungarian Goulash, Hungarian Chicken Paprikash, Hungarian Fish Soup and many more wonderful, and authentic culinary treasures.

The book will guide you through the secret of Hungarian family favorites, original creations and dishes that will make you a legend among your friends and family. It easily steers you through the recipes. Full page colored and black and white photos further assist the reader to create a tasty and wonderful dish, pleasing to all the senses.

Conjuring up old-world cakes, tortes, pastries, main dishes, tempting truffles and breads are made easy and fun. The book includes an herb and spice dictionary, menu planning section, history of Hungarian wine, appetizers, soups, main dishes, side dishes, cakes, pastries, sweets, truffles, breads and biscuits.

The dishes are diet and valet friendly. It is surprising how much money a person can save, by cooking comfort food and gourmet dishes at home, and on a budget.

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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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