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Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®

The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®

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Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™©has been created by author Helen M. Radics, which only features her cookbooks and e-books.  The logo on the left has been designed by her daughter, Helen Radics Jr. who also created our company logo.
The Library introduces you to Hungary's history rich culinary world, Hungarian wines, elegant and delectable pastries, cakes, tortes and the rustic breads of the Hungarian countryside.  
The author's 8 cookbooks and numerous e-books also share with you the secret of such national treasures as the mouth-watering Hungarian Goulash, the fiery Chicken Paprikash and Hungarian Cabbage Rolls which are made with the use of Hungary's national spice, Hungarian Red Paprika Powder.  Learn how this irreplaceable spice travelled to Hungary with the invader Turks who stayed in Hungary for 150 years, leaving behind a culture forever changed.  The still treasured coffee also came to Hungary during this time.  The author will also introduce you to world famous Budapest Café Houses and their delectable specialties such as the regal Dobos Torte and the aristocratic Eszterhazy Cake.  
Each volume of the Library will surprise you with its large collection of recipes, culinary facts, the culinary evolution of Hungary, guides and tables that will make recipe recreation a breeze.  She also included an extensive herbal dictionary and spice guide in many of her cookbooks that will show you how to cook delicious, traditional comfort foods and gourmet dishes without the use of health damaging ingredients such as lard. 
Each book of the Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™ is a stand-alone-cookbook, however you may also purchase the entire Library to create your very own cookbook library. 
Please contact us with your questions at


The Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™©  ONLY features the works of author Helen M. Radics (born Ilona Szabo)
Currently the Library  has 10 cookbooks and 10 e-cookbooks.  No other author has ever been featured by the Library and shall never be.  We need to bring this to our customer's attention as our unfair competitor has recently stolen our company logo and also uses the collective name of our works, the  Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™ as her own creation on her website and in her online postings.  She states that the Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™ features only her one cookbook and no other books whatsoever.   
This person is apparently not aware of the fact that the term library is a collection of books and not a "collection" of one single book.  This competitor also claims that Ilona Szabo has co-authored all of our cookbooks and that Ilona Szabo is her mother
That is not only false, fraudulent, copyright infringement, but also identity theft, as no person shall use another person's identity for monetary gain.  Helen M. Radics who was born Ilona Szabo is the only person who can claim authorship and ownership of these books and she is NOT the Mother of this infringer as this competitor is about the same age as Helen M. Radics
It is also noteworthy  that works of an author enjoy copyright protection since their creation and no other person shall use it without the written authorization of the owner. 

To give her actions credibility, this competitor has also set up numerous impostor websites and accounts with the use of our copyright / trademark protected intellectual properties.  However, when requested, this person can provide no copyright or trademark registration number.  When in doubt please ask for these government issued numbers to verify the authenticity of your product and to protect your purchase.

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes
® The Secret of Hungarian Cooking® is the registered trademark of Helen M. Radics.