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Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™©


by Helen M Radics




Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™© by author Helen M Radics is a wonderful collection of mouth-watering Hungarian Peasant Soups, Gourmet Soups and Delectable Desserts / Pastries.


The author, shares with you her most beloved creations and many Hungarian culinary treasures as requested by her followers.  This beautiful cookbook includes dozens of photo pages and illustrations for an easier recipe recreation as you would expect from Helen. 


Own another member of the Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™ that will be cherished by your friends and family for generations to come.


                      As Seen on Life Network and CTV News




Hungarian Gastronomy is one of the main building blocks of Hungarian culture. Its unique, original, creative and flavorful dishes are the pride of the nation. Hungarian gastronomy has gone through a thousand year evolution and our nation’s respect of tradition, heritage, its turbulent past, including foreign invasions, created one of the most unique culinary creations of the World.


Hungarian food has always fascinated people regardless of their background. The authentic Hungarian Goulash in itself is considered a national treasure and has been the topic countless conversations around the dinner table for many generations. Let Helen M Radics share with you The Secret of Hungarian Cooking™through her mouth-watering collection of recipes that will make you fall in love with The Flavours of Hungary™ one dish at a time. Your friends and family will cherish the author, Helen's Hungarian heritage recipes for generations to come.


About The Author

Helen M Radics born and raised in Hungary, presently lives in Canada. She has always been passionate about cooking and baking and enjoys sharing her favorite recipes with the world. Her family owned a winery and many of her original creations include the use of good, robust wines just as generations before her. Cooking has been the main building block of keeping their family traditions alive. Her great-grandmother has started the tradition of recording their family’s most beloved and cherished recipes alive for future generations.

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These time tested dishes are still a part of Helen’s family, which she shares with you through her international best seller cookbooks that are part of the Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™. She has been highly praised by the Hungarian National Tourism Board for her efforts in preserving and spreading Hungarian culture, Hungary’s heritage recipes and traditions outside the borders of Hungary through her Videos, cookbooks, recipes and television appearances. Helen M Radics was also named the Official Life Magazine Spokesperson for Walnut Roll.

Helen and her books were featured on CTV, Life Network, by Life Magazine, The Record and many other media outlets worldwide. Using her online cooking show, Cooking with Helen M Radics™, the author reaches millions and shares with her audience sample recipes from each of her cookbooks. She believes that her country’s most beloved recipes should be accessible to anyone who is interested. Her YouTube channel hrcsidaranolihas almost 300,000 viewers.

Put a little Spice in Your Life!


According to the author, she owns her success to the fact that she is not a chef but an everyday housewife and mother who simply loves cooking and women all over the world could relate to her as they are able to recreate her easy to follow authentic recipes. The main ingredient of her recipes is love...



Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™cookbook is a wonderful collection of Hungarian heritage recipes passed down from generation to generation in the Szabo, Tolnay and Radics families, featuring the mouth-watering, yet many times delicate soups, and delectable desserts of the Hungarian culinary world. The author Helen M Radics Hungarian heritage is evident in her special collection of family recipes. The book is illustrated by dozens of photos, easy to follow traditional and original recipes that tempts the reader. This book includes many traditional Hungarian recipes such as Hungarian Goulash Soup, Hungarian Bean Goulash Soup, Chicken Soup a'la Ujhazy, Hungarian Fish Soup.


The author Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipe Collection could only be found in the Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes cookbook series by Helen M Radics and in Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes by Helen M Radics / Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™ by Helen M Radics and her many e-books and videos.


There is also a delectable selection of Hungarian desserts that further tempt the reader. Don't miss out on this beautiful and easy to follow collections of traditional Hungarian heritage recipes that the whole family will treasure for years to come. A lovely gift for that special someone who loves to keep family traditions and time tested recipes alive for generations to come.


Don't miss out owning the complete family recipe selection of the author Helen's Hungarian heritage recipe collection gathered in Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™ The Flavours of Hungary™as part of the HUNGARIAN HERITAGE RECIPE LIBRARY™




     The Star of Soups - Cream of Broccoli Soup



 Table of Content - Tartalom

Soups - Levesek

  • Helen’s Zucchini Soup - Helen Cukkini Levese
  • Bean Goulash Soup - Babgulyas
  • Hungarian Meatball (Husgomboc) Soup - Husgomboc Leves
  • Goulash Soup - Gulyasleves
  • Hungarian Chicken Soup - Csirkehusleves
  • Pork and Dill “Csorba” Soup - Csorba Leves
  • Hunter Soup with Mushrooms - Vadasz Gombaleves
  • Hungarian Potato Soup - Krumplileves
  • Peasant Split Pea Soup - Parasztos Vagottborso Leves
  • Dumpling Soup - Grizgaluskaleves
  • Hungarian Fish Soup - Halaszle
  • Chilled Summer Fruit Soup - Gyumolcsleves
  • Green Pea Soup - Zoldborsoleves
  • Cauliflower Soup - Karfiol Leves
  • Cold Cucumber Soup - Hideg Uborkaleves
  • Hungarian Bean Soup - Bableves
  • Traditional Chicken Soup - Hagyomanyos Csirkehusleves
  • Grandma’s Chicken Soup - Nagymama Levese
  • Peasant Soup - Parasztleves
  • Hungarian Spring Ragu Soup - Tavaszi Raguleves
  • White Wine Soup - Feherbor Leves
  • Blackberry Port Soup 2. - Feketeszeder Portoi Leves 2.
  • Red Wine & Beet Soup - Vorosboros Ceklaleves
  • Blackberry Port Soup 1. - Feketeszeder Portoi Leves 1.
  • Hunter Soup with Mushrooms - Vadaszleves Gombaval 2.
  • Broccoli Cream Soup with Stars - Brokkoli Kremleves
  • Chicken Soup A’la Ujhazi - Ujhazi Tyukhusleves
  • Beet Soup with Apples - Ceklaleves Almaval
  • Garlic Soup with Sage - Zsalyas Fokhagymaleves
  • Tarragon Vegetable Soup - Tarkonyos Zoldsegleves
  • Lemon Soup - Citrom Leves
  • Zucchini Soup with Basil - Cukkini Leves Bazsalikommal
  • Herbed Tomato Soup - Fuszeres Paradicsomleves
  • Cold Cucumber Soup with Mint 1. - Hideg Uborkaleves Mentollal 1.
  • Cold Cucumber Soup with Mint 2. - Hideg Uborkaleves Mentollal 2.
  • Chilled Summer Fruit Soup - Gyumolcsleves 1.
  • Pineapple – Mango Soup - Mango Leves
  • Hungarian Green Pea Soup - Zoldborso Leves
  • Hungarian Goulash Soup - Hagyomagyos Gulyasleves
  • Sour-Apple Soup - Savanyu Alma Leves
  • Mushroom Soup - Gombaleves
  • French Onion Soup - Francia Hagymaleves
  • Cold Dill Soup - Hideg Kaporleves
  • Seafood Soup with Shrimp - Rakleves
  • Creamy Vegetable Soup - Kremes Zoldsegleves
  • Cold Apple Soup - Hideg Almaleves
  • Italian Wedding Soup - Olasz Eskuvoi Leves


Biscuits / Pogacsa

  • Blue Cheese and Jalapeno Biscuit - Keksajtos - Erospaprikas Pogacsa
  • Hungarian Potato Biscuit - Magyar Krumplis Pogacsa
  • Bacon Biscuit - Tepertos Pogacsa
  • Cheese Biscuit - Sajtos Pogacsa
  • Cottage Cheese Biscuit - Turopogacsa
  • Ham and Cheese Biscuit - Sonkas Sajtos Pogacsa
  • Cranberry Biscuit - Mazsolas edespogacsa


... and so much more




"...a lovely and useful gift"

Chef Gordon Ramsay



"Helen tries to let people know about Hungary's unmistakable culinary world."

David Katz Life Magazine


"Much more than just a cookbook..."

CTV News anchor Kyle Cristie



"Easy to follow lovely books..." CTV News anchor Nancy Richards



"Hungarian dishes will delight" Reporter John Fear "The Record"



"We are very happy that you promote Hungarian food and delicacies online and in printed form.

It is very helpful to make a better image of Hungary."

Hungarian National Tourism Board


Desserts & Pastries - Dessertek & Sutemenyek

  • Strawberry Liquor Pudding - Likoros Foldieper Pudding
  • Mini Chocolate Cake - Chokolade Minitorta
  • Hazelnut Swiss Roll - Hazelnut Piskotatekercs
  • Pear In a Gown - Korte Pongyolaban
  • Raspberry Crème Brule - Malnas Creme Brule
  • Walnut Roll – Dios Beigli
  • Eszterhazy Cake - Eszterhazy Torta
  • Sacher Cake - Sacher Torta
  • Walnut Cake - Dios Torta
  • Dobos Torte - Dobos Torta
  • Jokai Cake - Jokai Torta
  • Punch Cake - Puncs Torta
  • Black Forest Cake - Fekete Erdo Torta
  • Lemon Meringue Cake - Citromos Habcsok Torta
  • Chocolate Cake - Csokolade Torta
  • Chocolate Mocha Cake - Csokolade Mokka Torta
  • Thanksgiving Cake - Hala Adas Torta (Pulyka Torta)
  • Halloween Cake - Halloween Torta
  • Frosty Fruit - Deres Gyumolcsok
  • Raspberry Chocolate Cake (Malnas Csokolade Torta)
  • Hungarian Mignon (Minyom) “Mini Cakes” - Mignon (Minyom)
  • Hungarian Floating Islands - Madartej
  • Love Cake - Szerelem Torta (Valentin Napi Torta)
  • Lemon Custard Dream - Citromos Cremes Poharban
  • Citrus Cake - Citrom Torta
  • Red Velvet Cake Balls - Piros Selyem Torta Golyocskak
  • Golden Chocolate Mignons (Minyoms) - Aranyos Csokolade Mignon (Minyom)
  • Helen’s Easy Cake (Lime Dream) - Citromos Alomtorta
  • Christmas Mini Cakes (Mignons – Minyoms) - Karacsonyi Mignon (Minyom)
  • Cloud Slice - Francia Kremes Helen Modra
  • Coconut Balls - Kokuszos Golyocskak
  • Rigo Jancsi - Rigo Jancsi
  • Three-coloured Egg Bread - Haromszinu Fonott Kalacs
  • Apple-Raisin Hungarian Donuts - Almas Fank
  • Sour Cherry Rum Bake - Meggyes Piskota
  • Rakoczy Strudel - Rakoczy Turos
  • Coconut Roll with Chestnut Cream - Kokuszos Tekercs Gesztenye Kremmel
  • Banana BonBon - Bananos BonBon
  • Simple Custard - Egyszeru Kremes
  • Hungarian Linzer - Linzer
  • Jam Filled Pretzels - Lekvaros Perec
  • Chocolate Filled Pretzels - Csokoladeval Toltott Perec
  • Gerbeaud Slice (Zserbo) - Gerbeaud Szelet (Zserbo)
  • Csoroge Donut “Angel Wings” - Csoroge Fank
  • Crêpes a’la Gundel “Flaming Gundel Crêpes” - Langolo Gundel Palacsinta
  • Hungarian Crêpes - Palacsinta
  • Halloween Cookies - Halloween Aprosutemeny
  • Halloween Spiderweb Cookies - Halloween Pokhalo Aprosutemeny
  • Rose Donuts - Rozsa Fank
  • Raspberry Tiramisu in Glass - Malnas Tiramisu Poharban
  • Beigli - Walnut Roll - Dios Beigli
  • Walnut Beigli - Pecan Beigli - Walnut Roll - Dios Beigli 2.
  • Poppy Seed Beigli - Poppy Seed Roll - Makos Beigli
  • Snow Love - Havas Kremes
  • Peaches - Barack Suti
  • Mother-in-Law - Anyostorta
  • Red Chilli Truffles - Erospaprikas Csokolade Truffel
  • Chestnut Truffle - Gesztenyes Csokolade Truffel
  • Amaretto Truffles - Amaretto Truffel
  • Orange Chocolate Truffles - Narancsos Csokolade Truffel
  • Rum-Basil Truffles - Rumos Bazsilikomos Truffel
  • Tequila Lime Truffles - Tequila Limos Truffel
  • Cranberry Rum Truffles - Rumos Gyumolcsos Truffel
  • Artesan Country Bread - Artezi Parasztkenyer
  • Olive Dinner Rolls - Olajbogyos Zsemle
  • Jalapeno Bread - Erospaprikas Kenyer
  • Crusty Bread - Ropogos Kenyer
  • Cheesy Bread Stick - Sajtos Rud
  • Olive Bread Stick - Olajbogyos Sajtos Rud
  • Pesto Bread Stick - Pesztos Sajtos Rud
  • Garlic Bread Stick - Fokhagymas Sajtos Rud
  • Jalapeno Bread Stick - Erospaprikas Sajtos Rud
  • Olive Twist - Olajbogyos Sajtos Rud Tekercs
  • Cornmeal Biscuit - Kokoricalisztes Pogacsa
  • Savory Cottage Cheese Parcels - Sos Turosbatyu
  • Savory Walnut Dinner Rolls - Sos Dios Zsemle
  • Olive and Sundried Tomato Fougasse (Bread) - Olasz Kenyer
  • Ham and Egg Flowers - Sonkas Tojasos Viragocskak
  • Baked Eggs a'la Helen - Sult Tojas Meglepetes Helen Modra
  • Cottage Cheese Balls - Torogomboc
  • Carnival Donuts - Farsangi Fank
  • Snow Croissants - Hokifli
  • Heart Meringue - Szivhabcsok
  • Chocolate Filled Croissants - Csokoladeval Toltott Kifli
  • Mr. Boo (Meringue) - Farsangi Kisertet Habcsok
  • Amaretti Cookies - Amarettis Aprosutemeny
  • Chocolate Linzer - Csokolades Linzer
  • Honey Kisses - Mezespuszedli
  • Pink Valentine's Day Cookies - Balint Napi Aprosutemeny
  • Braided Egg Bread - Fonott Kalacs
  • Jam Surprise - Lekvaros Meglepetes (Aprosutemeny)
  • Blue Cheese Spirals - Keksajtos Sajtos Csiga