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My Mother's Hungarian Heritage  
by Helen Radics Jr.
My Mother when she was 16 
My Mother, Helen M. Radics (born Ilona Szabo) has always loved cooking and baking, and perhaps the only thing she enjoyed more, was sharing that knowledge with her friends and family. Most of my Mother's Hungarian heritage recipe collection is found in Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© 1, 2,3 (all 3 books) / Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™© /Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™© / Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™© are family treasures passed down on both sides of her family from generations to generations. 

Her family always had a large turkey farm in the country, where she spent countless sultry summer holidays in the company of her loved ones. Her memories are still with her, recalling her Grandmother's loving but strict guidance as she learned the secrets of many Hungarian family recipes. My Mother's Hungarian heritage recipe collection is a wonderful array of treasured family secrets, traditional and original dishes. You will be amazed how easy these recipes are to follow as you flip through her cookbooks.
Growing up, she witness her Father making several wine varieties in the family's winery, that were sought after by people from afar. She remembers, that her Father always gave potential customers a full bottle of wine to try before they purchased the delicate nectar. Helen and her siblings asked him many times why he gives wine to people for free. He always said that good wine was to people, as honey to bears. Sure enough, they always came back to purchase wine. Although he was always extremely proud of his wines, he never drank any alcohol himself. It was his belief that mixing business with pleasure was never a good idea. He believed that profit from business lead to pleasure to be shared with family.
It is evident to me every day, that my Grandfather has installed in my Mother, Helen the pleasure of achievement, and integrity in business. My Grandmother's and my Great-Grandmother's gift to my Mother was their love of good food and cooking. Taking pleasure in creating something that filled her heart with pride and her home with joy. Writing her cookbooks, she recalled many anecdotes from her childhood. Remembering her first attempt at cooking still brings tears to her eyes, because Grandy, my Grandmother is no longer with us. My Mother, Helen recalls a hot summer day, being a tiny, fragile 6-year-old little girl, stubbornly insisting on "cooking", because she was old enough. Of course she couldn't even reach the stove, so my Grandmother placed her on a small stool and showed her how to cook Hungarian Goulash. Her eyes were full of tears from the "attack" of the tiny pieces of chopped onion that lay at the bottom of the pot, but she stayed and came back every day that summer, because she wanted to know the secret of happiness around the table every night when another steaming, wonderfully scented dish was placed on it.
Many years has passed and it was her turn to teach her own daughter after realizing that I was just as mesmerized by the secret of her cooking as she was. So she placed me on a small stool like on that hot summer day long ago and handed me everything one-by-one, and showed me how to create Hungarian Potato Paprikash. However, she made the mistake of handing me the salt and a small spoon. My Father became the sacrificial lamb that night, when I proudly handed him a large bowl of my "salty" creation. After insisting that it was the most wonderful dish he ever had in his life, he was rewarded by another huge serving of my "unique" paprikash.
My Mother, Helen was lucky enough to marry a man who shared her passion for cooking. As she tells everyone, he has "spiced up" her life with his zest for life and food. He was a professional boxer when they met, and because he loved her more than his beloved sport, and fame, he gave it all up for her. He was from the southern part of Hungary and brought many traditional recipes into my Mother's family. The combination of those two very unique parts of the country, with their own tradition and heritage could only create something unique. My Mother's Hungarian heritage is evident as you sample her traditional and original recipes. Don't miss out on this special collection of Hungarian heritage recipes that are unique to her and her family and could be found in
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© 1
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© 2
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© 3
Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™©
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™©
Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™© 
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© Anniversary Edition

Her books combined, contain hundreds of easy to follow recipes, dozens of photo pages, herbal dictionary, historical and cultural information about her beloved country, Hungary.  
Please don't miss out on this beautiful collection of Hungarian recipes, because after all it is a glance into my family's heart and soul, my Mother, Helen.
by Helen Radics Jr.
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™©
The Secret of Hungarian Cooking™©