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Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®

The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®

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Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes 3

My third book is all about baking.  It doesn't only include cakes and pastries, but breads, biscuits, mini cakes and truffles. 


I know what you're thinking.  What does baking have to do with truffles.  Well, nothing, but they are desserts and I didn't want to leave them out.


You will find special holiday cake and cookie recipes in the baking book as well.


Here's a summary of what my "purple" book includes.

Cafe Houses of Budapest


Cafe Houses in Budapest and in fact all over the country are still thriving even today.  Hungary is a unique country where people sit outside cafe houses with a dark espresso, enjoy rich cakes and a friendly chat with friends, family, even strangers. 


Learn about this lovely tradition and the unique old-world cakes and pastries still being offered in these magical places and their more simple but still lovely country cousins, called "cukraszda", which means cakery.


Cafe New York

Cafe & Restaurant Gerbeaud


"Gundel"  Hungarian National Tourism Board
Hungarian cakes are magical.  They will tempt you until you give in and succumb to their mesmerizing charms. 
One bite and you're lost forever.  You will search and search for the recipes until you find them. 
Eszterhazy Cake
Sacher Cake
Walnut Cake
Jokai Cake
Punch Cake
Black Forest Cake
Lemon Meringue Cake
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Mocha Cake
Thanksgiving Cake (seen on photo at bottom of page)
Halloween Cake
Frosty Fruits
Raspberry Chocolate Cake
Hungarian Mignon (Minyom)
Hungarian Floating Islands
Love Cake
Lemon Custard Dream
Citrus Cake (seen on photo)
Red Velvet Cake Balls
Golden Chocolate Mignons (Minyom)
Helen's Easy Cake
Christmas Mini Cakes (Minyom)
Cloud Slice
Coconut Balls
Rigo Jancsi
Three-colored Egg Bread
Apple-Raisin Hungarian Donuts
Sour Cherry Rum Bake
Rakoczy Strudel
Chestnut Roll
Banana Bonbon
Simple Custard Slice
Hungarian Linzer
Jam Filled Pretzels
Chocolate Filled Pretzels
Gerbeaud Slice (seen on photo)
Csoroge Donut
Crapes a'la Gundel
Hungarian Crapes
Stained Glass Christmas Cookies
Halloween Cookies - Jack Skellington
Halloween Spiderweb Cookies
Rose Donuts
Raspberry Tiramisu in Glass
Snow Love
Mother-in-Law Cake
Halloween Cake
(Spiderweb Cake)
"pie kitchen"
Beigli is a very traditional Hungarian holiday pastry. It is one of my heritage recipes passed down form my great-great Grandmother.   
It is always baked for Christmas and Easter.  There are different fillings for Beigli.
I will show you what to use and how to create this unique pastry that could also be given  a gift to your friends and family to bring warmth to their celebrations.
They are very easy to prepare and keep for a very long time.
Walnut or Pecan Beigli
Poppy seed Beigli
Cottage Cheese Beigli
Red Chilli Truffles
Chestnut Truffles
Marzipan Truffles
Amaretto Truffles
Orange Chocolate Truffles
Rum-Basil Truffles
Tequila Lime Truffles
Cranberry Rum Truffles
Breads, Bread-sticks, Biscuits & Donuts
Breads are another important part of the Hungarian kitchen. 
Not many women bake their own bread because they are afraid of it being too complicated. 
Nothing could be further from the truth.  Try it once and you will never turn back.
There is nothing as tantalizing as the scent of freshly baked home made bread filling the house.
Artesan Country Bread
Rosemary Country Bread
Olive Buns
Jalapeno Bread
Crusty Bread
Cheesy Bread Stick
Olive Bread Stick
Pesto Bread Stick
Garlic Bread Stick
Jalapeno Bread Stick
Olive Twists
Cornmeal Biscuits
Savory Cottage Cheese Parcels
Walnut Rolls
Olive and Sun-dried Tomato Fougasse
Baked Eggs a'la Helen
Cottage Cheese Balls - Turogomboc
Burnt Pastry
Blue Cheese and Jalapeno Biscuit
Hungarian Potato Biscuit- Krumplis Pogacsa
Bacon Biscuit-Tepertos Pogacsa
on photo- Kifli
Cheese Biscuit - Sajtos Pogacsa
Cottage Cheese Biscuits -  Turopogacsa
Ham & Cheese Biscuit
Carnival Donut - Farsangi Fank
Snow Croissant - Ho Kifli
Chocolate Filled Croissants
Meringues are very traditional in Hungary.  There meringues for kids, meringues created for adults and specialty high end cake shops.
There are also Christmas meringues, with holes in the middle, so they could be hanged as decorations on the Christmas Tree.
There are even Easter and Valentine's Day meringues.  Although Hungary only recently adopted Valentine's Day and is fairly new, there are desserts being created every year for the special day.  Most people call Valentine's Day , "Lover's Day".
Heart Meringue
Mr. Boo - Halloween Ghost Meringue
Amaretti Cookies
Honey Kisses
Meringue Rings
Thanksgiving Cake