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Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®

The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®

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Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes 2
Following my first book, or the "Red Book", and successful television and video cooking segments, I was approached by many people who asked me to share my favorite recipes, that were not included in my first book. 

I have birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween recipes, that will make your special occasions unforgettable.  I also decided to expand my dessert and truffle section that will assist you in creating edible holiday gifts, that will make your friends and family feel like royalty.  So I would like to introduce you to my second book Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 2

The second book, or the "Green Book" also includes a section on Hungarian Paprika, but I had a different approach here. 

The City of Kalocsa
In this book I introduce you to the most famous Hungarian red paprika, the paprika of Kalocsa.  The red paprika powder of Kalocsa is considered a national treasure and Kalocsa is the red paprika capital of the country.
"Hungarian Tourism Board"
Hungarian Red Paprika powder is produced by grinding the dried deep red paprika pods of the pepper plant.
Although paprika is the symbol of many Hungarian dishes, and our national spice, the plant was actually brought to Hungary by the Turks in the 16-17th century. 
Its pungency ranges from sweet to mildly hot, and extremely hot, depending on the type of pepper the powder was produced of. 
Some red paprika powders are so sweet that they can be used in a traditional Hungarian strudel recipe as filling.
Health Benefits of Spices, Oil, Herbs, Fruits & Vegetables


I have expanded my herbal dictionary section.  You will find more information on the health benefits of many tasty recipes.


Grape Seed Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil






Caraway Seeds



Cayenne Peppers

Celery Root and Celery








Lemon Zest






Peppers, Chilli Peppers






Café New York Budapest


Café New York in the New York Palace Hotel in Budapest is a magical place where you will be transported back in time. 

Learn about the coffee culture in Budapest.  Find out how many  of these amazing Cafés are still being frequented. 

  "Hungarian National Tourism Board"
... learn more in Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes 2

Soups are a very important part of the Hungarian kitchen. 
Every Hungarian household starts out lunch and dinner with soup as the first course.
In my second book you will find more soups that you can amaze your friends and family with
Goulash Soup
Hungarian Green Bean Soup
Hungarian Liver Dumpling Soup
Peach-Mango Soup
Hungarian Summer Fruit Soup
Sour Apple Soup
Hungarian Potato Soup
Blackberry Soup with Port
Hungarian Bean Soup with Sausage (seen on photo)
Hungarian Split Pea Soup
Hungarian Celery Root Soup
Hungarian Kohlrabi Soup
Hungarian Cauliflower Soup
Hungarian Fish Soup
Hungarian Mushroom Soup
Hungarian Green Pea Soup
Helen's Zucchini Soup
Hungarian Dumpling Soup
Hungarian Chicken Soup
Hungarian Meatball Soup
Hungarian Bean Goulash Soup
Pork and Dill "Csorba" Soup
Chocolate Truffles
My family just adores truffles.  I have many different recipes that I created over the years.  
I especially enjoy making truffles with my daughter during the Christmas holiday season as edible gifts for friends and family.
You will also love adopting and sharing this idea with your friends and family.
Red Chilli Truffles
Marzipan Truffles
Amaretto Truffles
Chestnut Truffles
Orange Chocolate Truffles
Tequila Lime Truffles
Rum-Basil Truffles
There is nothing as wonderful as the scent of freshly baked bread. 
You will learn how to create different types of bread from my book.
These recipes are healthy, tasty and wonderfully decorative on your dinner table with a special dish also made from my book.
The only problem will be that your family will ask you to make them every week.
Artesan Country Bread
Rosemary Country Bread
Olive Buns
Jalapeno Bread
Crusty Bread
Bread Stick
Walnut Rolls
Olive and Sun-dried Tomato Fouggasse


Hungarian Goulash & Paprikash


Hungarian Goulash (porkolt) in Hungarian, was cooked as early as 800 A.D. by Hungarians (magyars). 


They used large cauldron (bogracs) and cooked over and open fire.


So Goulash is a meal with history...


There are many different types of goulash and paprikash in Hungary.  My book will show you the difference between all those dishes and also teach you how to perfect each one of them in no time. 


You will realize how easy it is to cook a goulash and how delicious each recipe is.  Hungarian Goulash should not be confused with Hungarian Goulash Soup (seen on photo).  They are two different dishes. 


Hungarian Pork Goulash

Hungarian Lamb Goulash with Red Wine

Hungarian Beef Goulash

Hungarian Goat Goulash

Hungarian Mushroom Goulash

Hungarian Tripe Goulash

Hungarian Pork Feet Goulash

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash with Mushrooms & Sour-cream

Hungarian Rabbit Goulash

Hungarian Venison Goulash

Hungarian Egg Goulash

Hungarian Potato Goulash

Hungarian Potato Goulash & Dumplings

Hungarian Liver Paprikash


Vegetable Main Dishes (Fozelek)


There are unique vegetable Main dishes called "Főzelék"  in Hungary.  They are very light, many of them appear "creamed" although there is no cream in them. 


These dishes are being cooked every day during the week in Hungary.  They only require minimal time to whip up and are a healthy alternative to heavy dinners. 


You will fall in love with "fozelek" in no time and your family will wonder how you dreamed up such never seen dishes.


Hungarian Creamed Green Bean

Hungarian Creamed Green Pea

Hungarian Creamed Potato

Hungarian Bean Fozelek


Hungarian Squash Fozelek with Dill

Hungarian Tomato Cabbage

Hungarian Creamed Spinach

Savoy Cabbage Fozelek

Hungarian Lentil Fozelek

Hungarian Potatoes in Tomato Sauce


Meat Dishes


My Hungarian Meat dishes are very easy to prepare and a healthy alternative to your everyday meat dishes.


I do not use any of the fat or drippings from my oven-baked dishes, because I like to serve my friends and family a healthier version of everything I create.


There are no gravies in Hungary.  People do not use the drippings of meats.


With dishes such as the leg of lamb seen on the photo, I drain the fat off and serve the fruit and veggies on the side.  They still contain some minimal fat, but not enough to harm you.


Hungarian "Peperino" Pasta with Meat -  Husos Tarhonya

Pork a'la Helen -  Brassoi

Hungarian Rice and Meat

"Lecso" Hungarian Speciality

"Lecso" with Rice

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Beef

Oven Baked Duck a'la Helen

Stuffed Chicken Thighs

Hungarian Stuffed Chicken

Oven Roasted Lamb Shanks

Leg of Lamb Roast

Oven-baked Duck Thighs with Apple Sauce

Champagne Chicken Breast

Goat Baked in Red Wine

Breaded Frog Legs

Breaded Foie Gras

Breaded Chicken Liver

Pork/Beef Liver Schnitzel

Pork Tederloin Stuffed with Mushrooms

Pork Tenderloin with Apple and Prune Stuffing

Hungarian Fried Chicken

Drunken Chicken I.

Drunken Chicken II.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

Oven Baked Cilantro Tenderloin

Breaded Smoked Oysters

Short Ribs in Stout

Traditional Hungarian Pork Burgers - Sertes Fasirt

Hungarian Beef Burgers - Marha Fasirt

Hungarian Turkey Burger - Pulyka Fasirt

Hungarian Chicken Burger - Csirke Fasirt

Chipotle Burger

Jalapeno-Cilantro Burger

Turkey Burger

Chicken Breast with Apples & Zucchini

Baked Chiken



Side Dishes


Side dishes are very important for every dish.  A wonderful steak, made with love could be ruined by the wrong or badly prepared side dish. 


My side dishes are simple, elegant, easy to prepare and taste wonderful.


Read my suggestions at the end of each recipe on how to pair sides and mains.


Hungarian Rice and Peas - Rizibizi

Parsley Potatoes

Oven roasted Potatoes

Hungarian Vegetable Salad - Francia Salata (seen on photo)

Oven Roasted Potatoes and Bacon

Oven Roasted Garden Rice

Onion Smashed Potatoes

Nokedli (Hungarian Noodle Droplets)

Pesto Pene with Arugula


Cakes, Pastries & Sweets


My "sweet" section has been expanded to include many more Hungarian and family favorites.


Please send me your feedback of questions.


Many of the Hungarian Cakes included in my book have a very rich history.  You will learn more about them as you flip through my book. 


Sacher Cake

Eszterhazy Cake

Walnut Cake

Dobos Cake/Torte

Hungarian Mignon (Minyom)

Frosty Fruits

Rakoczy Strudel

Hungarian Linzer (as seen on photo)

Sour Cherry Rum Bake

Chocolate Filled Pretzels

Jam Filled Pretzels

Gerbeaud Slice (Zserbo)

Crapes a 'la Gundel

Hungarian Crapes

Halloween Cookies









These little cookies will be a big hit with your friends and family at Halloween.





Jack Skellington


You will see how easy and fun it is to create these little guys with your children or grandchildren.




Mother-in-Law Cake

Raspberry Tiramisu in Glass