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Helen M. Radics


Helen M. Radics (born Ilona Szabo on May 21, 1946 in Hungary) is a Canadian cookbook author who has appeared on CTV News and her books were reviewed by The Record newspaper, and Life Magazine.  She has been named the official spokesperson by Life Magazine for "Walnut Roll" for the 2010 Christmas Season. She is the author of a number of English-language Hungarian cookbooks. The author's articles are also featured at Examiner as she is their food examiner from Waterloo, Ontario.


Professional Life


Helen M. Radics published her first cookbook, Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® 1, in March 2010. She has also published two additional books in the series, Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® 2 and 3 in 2010, and in addition Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™©, Helen's Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™©, Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™©, Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™© and Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® Anniversary Edition.


She is also the producer and creator of her own cooking videos and online cooking show Cooking with Helen M Radics™ . Her contributions in spreading Hungarian culture outside of Hungary have been noted by the Hungarian National Tourism Board.   Ms. Radics has instructed chefs in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Hungary and Cuba in Hungarian cooking, and she and her books have been featured on several cooking shows, CTV News and Life Network.


She established her cookbook company in 1990 and her books are all part of the Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™, which is also her sole creation.  Her video collection is also referred to as the Hungarian Heritage Video Library™©.


Please note that both Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™,  and Hungarian Heritage Video Library™ are ONLY featuring author Helen M. Radics' works.  No other author is being featured by them.


Personal Life 


Helen M. Radics was born as the youngest of 8 children, with her twin brother Sandor Szabo on May 21, 1946 in Hungary. Her father Ferenc Szabo owned a vineyard, where he created his own label and sold it nationally. Her Mother, Zsuzsanna Szabo (née Zsuzsanna Tolnay) or aristocratic birth, was a homemaker as ladies of her time did not work outside of their home.   On her mother's side, Helen M. Radics  is related to famed Hungarian actress Klári Tolnay. She married Joe (Jozsef) Radics, a professional boxer for team Honved and a prominent architect, in 1966. The couple was given a family notebook of recipes that Helen M. Radics' great-grandmother created in 1891, which inspired them to create a Hungarian heritage recipe book starting in 1967. The author has one daughter, Helen Radics, who is also an author.


Helen M. Radics owned and operated a boutique in Hungary for 20 years. She immigrated with her family to Austria in 1985 where she worked as a chef, until the family moved to Canada in 1985. She and her husband Joe printed their first cookbooklet in 1990 through which they shared their recipes with friends and family. They also planned to publish a full size cookbook prior to their Silver Wedding Anniversary, however Joe Radics' accident and early death in 1995, at the age of 53, halted the publication of the book. Helen M. Radics started publishing cookbooks again in 2010. To date the author has published 8 cookbooks and several e-books.




Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® 1 (2010)

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® 2 (2010)

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® 3 (2010)

Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes (2011)

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection (2011)

Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes (2011)

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® The Anniversary Edition (2012)

Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library

Don't Bitch, Get Skinny!


1. Pork a'la Brussels  2. Jam Filled Pastry  3.  Hungarian Hamburger   4. Goulash Soup          5. Bean Soup      6.Easy Bread        7.Hungarian Goulash     8. Layered Potato          9. Savoy Cabbage                  10.Kifli