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Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®

The Secret of Hungarian Cooking®

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The latest cookbook from Helen M. Radics that includes her successful 1st cookbook series Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®.  All 3 volumes of the series could be found in this handy, keepsake book that is featured by the Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™© also created by the author.  Please note that only works by Helen M. Radics are featured by the library.


Author Helen M. Radics always listened to the demands of her fans.  She has received hundreds of e-mails about creating a cookbook that combines the most popular recipes of her successful cookbook series Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®.  The author has produced an anniversary edition cookbook ready for Christmas, so you may surprise that special someone with the complete series that you fell in love with years ago. 


As always, Helen M Radics has the ability to captivate her audience, and through the pages of her cookbooks and take them on a journey through Hungary's history rich culinary world.

The best recipes of Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®  1 ,Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®  2 & Treasured Hungarian Family® 3 are fashioned into a cookbook that will make you fall in love with Helen’s unique collection of family favorites and her great-great Grandmother's special recipes loved for generations by the Szabo, Tolnay and Radics families. She also includes many of her own creations, dreamed up by her fertile imagination.

Helen M Radics' books are a bountiful gathering of traditional Hungarian heritage recipes that your family will adore. She has also included the best recipes of her first two books which include all the dishes that Hungary is famous for, such as Hungarian Goulash, Hungarian Goulash Soup, Hungarian Fish Soup, Hungarian Cabbage Rolls and of course Hungarian Chicken Paprikash one of the symbols of the Hungary, considered a national treasure.

Helen also included the most popular recipes of her complete baking book.  This recipes are a perfect mixture of traditional and modern culinary applications.

This is Helen M. Radics' latest cookbook, and it includes many famous recipes such us Black Forest Cake, Jokai Torte, Punch Cake and special holiday cakes for special occasions. Old time favorites, such as Dobos Torte, Eszterhazy Torte, Sacher Torte, Walnut Cake and what collection of Hungarian desserts would be complete without our delectable Hungarian Walnut Rolls and Poppy Seed Rolls. There is a sinful cookie section complete with Stained Glass Cookies that could be used as a Christmas tree decoration.

So don't miss out on another jewel in the world of culinary art. A must have for the baker of the family. Buy these easy to follow guides of some of the world’s most sought after collection of mesmerizing Hungarian heritage dishes, desserts, fragrant breads, biscuits and many more specialties. Own the author Helen M Radics' Hungarian recipe collection completely gathered in one keepsake of a cookbook.

Own the complete family recipe selection of the author Helen's Hungarian heritage recipe collection gathered in one special book, that is richly illustrated by colored and black and white photos.